The Best Running Clothes for Every Spring Scenario

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Morning Run to the Coffee Shop

By Jackie Veling

Of all the sweet pleasures we runners enjoy, nothing is dearer than the weekend morning run, followed by a quick trip to your favorite coffee shop. Whether you’re logging a heart-racing tempo workout or racking up some serious mileage before most people even make it out of bed (#humblebrag), indulging in that warm cup of Joe is the ultimate reward for a job well done.

But a hard run followed by a public outing requires special gear, so we tested apparel specifically with our weekend warriors in mind.

Let’s start with the pant. The second I got my hands on Brooks’ Ghost Crop tights, I knew it would become a weekend staple. This super light, ultrathin performance legging is a crowd-pleaser with its bright colors and wide waistband. The DriLayer fabric kept me pretty much sweat-free (I didn’t even have to head home for a change of clothes before hitting up my barista), and I couldn’t have been happier to slip my iPhone into the ready-made pouch on the side (seriously, why don’t more pants have this?).

I matched the pant with the Saucony Breeze Tank to keep things light and loose on top. I’m a sucker for a strappy racer back, and with the wide band at the bottom, it’s probably the most attractive tank you’ll get your hands on this spring.

Spring not looking so springy for you? If your climate is a little colder, slip on a legging from Noli for a thicker, full-length pant—I went with the “Sky Bird” design because I’m daring like that—and pair it with a Lululemon NTS jacket for extra warmth that doesn’t skip out on performance. For good measure, slide on a pair of Balega’s Blister Resist socks and marvel at how your shoes just magically became more comfortable.

The perfect finishing touch is Oakley Reverie shades—trendy enough for your latte, but “runner” enough for you. Now, it’s time to get your caffeine fix. 

Pictured Picks:

spring clothes-coffee-womens shirtSaucony Breeze Tank — $45

spring clothes-coffee-bird tightsNoli Sky Bird Legging — $75

spring clothes-brunch-brooks ghost cropBrooks Women’s Ghost Crop Running Tights — $120

spring clothes-coffee-lulu jacketLululemon Women’s NTS Jacket — $128

spring clothes-coffee-balega socksBalega Blister Resist No Show — $13

Accessory Suggestions:

spring clothes-coffee-oakley shadesOakley Reverie — $130

spring clothes-coffee-fuel beltFlipBelt Zipper — $34.99

Men’s Suggestions:

spring clothes-coffee-mens quarter zipBrooks Men’s Dash ½ Zip — $70

spring clothes-coffee-saucony interval shortsSaucony Interval 2-1 Short — $41 

spring clothes-button-rainspring clothes-button-longspring clothes-button-darkspring clothes-button-brunchspring clothes-button-dog

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