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Running in the Dark

By Kolby Paxton

Running may be your passion, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to fit into the daylight hours. Jobs, kids and our social lives have a way of forcing us to run without the sun. Of course, that’s not all bad. Early morning runs are kind of my thing and darkness in general creates serenity that’s difficult to duplicate. That said, runners who aren’t easily seen can have their serenity interrupted rather abruptly by passing motorists or cyclists.

Safety is of paramount importance when running under the cover of darkness, and perhaps no one does high-visibility gear better than Asics. Runners could dress head to toe in Asics’ Lite-Show line of apparel and be perfectly well-off. I consistently go for the Lite-Show Sleeveless T-shirt, which looks completely inconspicuous until headlights hit it—at which point it illuminates like a city skyline. Early mornings and spring evenings can be a little too cool sans sleeves, though, and my solution is simple: the Lite-Show Half Zip. Same song, brighter verse, the half zip is available in caution yellow and offers the same high-visibility protection.

I grouped these products with the Brooks Threshold Reflective Tights, which come equipped with reflective details of their own. I wear a FlipBelt for every run because they’re the perfect in-run storage solution, but I save the Reflective PT Belt for dark runs for obvious reasons. The 360-degree 3M reflective details turn a runner into a human caution sign.

And lastly, my sock game is on point thanks to Balega—which is, quite literally, the only running sock you’ll ever wear once you’ve tried a pair. I went with the Hidden Comfort in “screamin’ green” for this high-vis ensemble, but depending on weather conditions and personal preference, you may opt for something from the Endura or Ultralight families, instead.

Pictured Picks:

spring clothes-dark-lite show half zipAsics Men’s Lite-Show Half Zip — $60

spring clothes-dark-lite show sleevelessAsics Men’s Lite-Show Sleeveless — $45

spring clothes-dark-brooks tightsBrooks Threshold Reflective Tights — $60

spring clothes-dark-balega socksBalega Hidden Comfort Socks — $12

Accessory Suggestions:

spring clothes-dark-flipbeltFlipBelt Reflective PT Belt — $32.99

Women’s Suggestions:

spring clothes-dark-lite show tankAsics Women’s Lite-Show Tank — $50

spring clothes-dark-womens lite show shortsAsics Women’s Lite-Show 3-N-1 Short — $55 

spring clothes-button-rainspring clothes-button-longspring clothes-button-coffeespring clothes-button-brunchspring clothes-button-dog

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