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Jogging—Then Brunching

By Kolby Paxton

I’m going to let you in on a not-so-well-kept secret in my city: On the weekend, there is perhaps no greater late morning activity than a light jog—yes, jog—to your favorite brunch and beer spot. If yours, like mine, happens to be located along your favorite running trail, then consider this me offering up the virtual equivalent of a high-five.

Thanks for that.

However, a few miles is still a few miles, so what’s a running bruncher to do? 

You might assume this outfit would be entirely comprised of offerings from the undisputed king and queen of athleisure, Lululemon—and it very well could be. But, believe it or not, your go-to running brands are also in on the act. Speaking of Lulu, I go with the Surge Pants every chance I get, and the run to brunch is the perfect opportunity. These fashion-forward track pants are water repellant and made to keep you looking great while on the move.

Should you elect to go with shorts, there’s no better option than the Brooks Fremont Running Shorts. I love all running apparel manufactured by this Seattle, Wash.-based company, but this is my favorite Brooks product of all-time. True story: The first time I wore them, my wife asked me why I was wearing khakis. They’re understated and trendy and yet deliver the performance you’d expect from a running-specific short. Buy them now. Thank me later.

All that talk about bottoms, but you can’t get into the watering hole shirtless. Instead, I pair the New Balance Kairosport Tee with the Saucony Kineta Pullover. The former is the result of some sort of T-shirt sorcery. That’s the only explanation for a shirt that wears as naturally as your favorite old cotton T-shirt, but weighs virtually nothing and provides out-of-this-world moisture wicking performance and breathability. The Saucony Kineta, meanwhile, is waiting to be your go-to sweatshirt. I get excited when the outdoor temperature in Texas dips below 60 degrees, just because I can break this baby out without judgment.

Lastly, any pro bruncher knows their sunglasses game has to be proper. The Oakley Holbrook Prizm manages to adequately combine a super fly lifestyle frame with a performance-oriented fit that won’t slide during a light jaunt to your waiting social life.

Pictured Picks:

spring clothes-brunch-lulu pantsLululemon Surge Pants — $118

ShortsBrooks Fremont Running Shorts — $65

spring clothes-brunch-kairo teeNew Balance Kairosport Tee — $39.99

spring clothes-brunch-saucony sweaterSaucony Kineta Pullover — $79

Accessory Suggestions:

spring clothes-brunch-oakley shadesOakley Holbrook Prizm — $180

spring clothes-brunch-lulu backpackLululemon Surge Run Backpack — $138

Women’s Suggestions:

spring clothes-brunch-tiki tankTitikia Starnova High Performance Tank — $38

spring clothes-brunch-brooks ghost cropBrooks Ghost Crop Running Tights — $120

spring clothes-button-rainspring clothes-button-longspring clothes-button-darkspring clothes-button-coffeespring clothes-button-dog

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