The Best Running Clothes for Every Spring Scenario

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Long Weekend Run

By Melanie Clancy

Ah, the long, slow distance day. You’ve managed to avoid it all week, but come Saturday you’re fresh out of excuses. Up you go with the alarm clock, and the birds for that matter—no time to waste, it is a Saturday, after all—and you’re out the door with the sunrise.

Dressing for a spring LSD, however, takes a bit of planning given the unpredictable nature of the season’s weather: pop-up showers, wind, unexpected heat or a chill in the air, all this and more can easily happen in the span of a 2-hour-plus run. This outfit has considered all scenarios and accounted for each.

Chafing is concern No. 1 when I select a pair of running tights or capris for a high mileage day, which is why I love New Balance’s Printed Performance Tight; the 90/10 nylon to Lycra blend is super soft and sweat-wicking, and the contoured waistband hits high enough to make for a comfy but flattering fit. I gravitate toward bold colors, so the neon pops at the gathered ankles is just the right amount of I-haven’t-had-my-coffee-yet flair. Pairing them with the Asics Emma Racerback tank makes for a lightweight combo; the tank is super breathable and fits loose, which I personally prefer over more fitted options.

However, a successful spring run is all about the details, so if there’s even a hint of rain in the forecast I add the Brooks LSD jacket. It’s windproof and water-resistant, plus it packs into a small pocket you can carry hands-free thanks to the elastic band. I stripped it off three miles into a 7-mile trail run and never noticed it again.

And of course, for an LSD day you need a sports bra that can sustain a high impact workout—I banned the bounce with the Asics Adjust bra, which gets bonus points for the interesting strap details and reflective accents.

Complete the ensemble with a Saucony Speed Run Visor and every runner’s best friend: a pair of high-performance Roka shades. I chose the Vendee Ultra, a remarkably lightweight, super durable model that refuses to slide or bounce. That’s great for a number of reasons, not least of which is your uninterrupted ability to see passing runners marvel at how cool you look.

Pictured Picks:

ClothingNew Balance Printed Performance Tight — $84.99

ClothingAsics Emma Racerback — $38

spring clothes-long-lsd jacketBrooks Women’s LSD Running Jacket — $60-$100

spring clothes-long-sports braAsics Adjust Bra — $48

spring clothes-long-saucony visorSaucony Speed Run Visor — $22

Accessory Suggestions:

spring clothes-long-roka vendeeRoka Vendee Ultra — $180

Men’s Suggestions:

spring clothes-long-roka mens shirtRoka Men’s Elite All-Season Run SS Shirt — $75

ShortsBrooks Go-To 7” Running Shorts — $40

spring clothes-long-roka kona shadesRoka Kona Ultra — $190 

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