The Health Benefits of Lemons

Have you ever dipped an apple into lemon juice to prevent it from browning? That browning process is called oxidation, and the same thing happens inside our bodies. Lemons minimize the damage caused by oxygen exposure because they are a rich source of antioxidants.

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Lemons are a one-ingredient fix for tons health and beauty needs. Studies indicate that lemons protect against many diseases such as cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney stones. Try an at-home facial made with fresh lemons. The scent alone will put a gleam in your eye.

Try these other lemon benefits:

Bug Zapper

The bacteria-fighting benefits of lemon juice improve digestion and support your immune system. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an antioxidant, and 4 ounces of fresh lemon juice contain 93 percent of your daily value. Lemons also have a low pH level, which qualifies them as antibacterial. This aids in digestion, and may help fight H. Pylori, bacteria that causes ulcers.

Corner Cancer

Studies indicate that lemons and other citrus fruits have naturally occurring substances that may have cancer-fighting properties. Modified citrus pectin is a fiber that makes it difficult for cancer cells to break off and spread. Limonoids, found in the zest, are capable of slowing cancer cell growth and killing cancer cells.

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Flush With Lemons

The citric acid in lemons neutralizes urine, and prevents small kidney and bladder stones from getting larger. One study indicates that 1/2 a cup of fresh lemon juice daily packs as much citric acid as conventional drug therapy.

When Life Gives You Lemons

Make sugar-free lemonade. Add the juice of half a lemon to a glass of water and drink twice a day. Squeeze fresh juice over steamed vegetables, or into soups and stews. Tuck lemon slices into fish or chicken before baking, steaming, or poaching. For a quick salad dressing, zest one lemon, and juice half of it. Whisk in 6 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard, and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Get a Lemony Glow

Rub lemon slices on your skin and leave overnight. The alpha hydroxy in lemons acts as a natural peel, and the antibacterial properties heal acne.

The scent of lemon boosts your mood, and sharpens your thinking skills.

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