WIN HIGH PERFORMANCE SPORT DETERGENT Eliminates embedded sweat and odors from workout clothes

Workout clothes and dog bedding

In my household there's only two of us, my husband and me, so conveniently we don't have to do the laundry more than once a week. However, since both of us work out every day, we usually have workout clothes that sit in the hamper for several days. Eventually, some of these items get a bit musty, and no amount of washing seems to remove the smell.

When I was given some WIN laundry detergent to review, I figured some of these clothes would be a great way to test the odor-targeting power of WIN. I also heard that a friend of a friend loved WIN because it removed dog odors. I don't currently have a dog, but have had one in the past and am familiar with "dog smell" on blankets and other items. So, dog owner Jim Woodman agreed to wash his dog's bedding with WIN.

Into the wash

I'm not loyal to a particular brand of detergent, but typically buy name brands. And I don't wash our workout clothes separately from our everyday clothes -- they all go together in the same load. However, none of the detergents I've used have removed the musty smell from our workout clothes.

I tried WIN for several typical loads of laundry including some of the mustier workout items. Sure enough, WIN actually removed the smell after just one wash. The whole load came out smelling fresh -- not perfumed or strong, just fresh.

It was strong enough to remove the odors, but wasn't too harsh on rest of the clothes -- there wasn't any fading of colors or additional wear of the fabric that I noticed. I've been using it for all my washes for the past few weeks and everything comes out smelling better. It's concentrated, so you use less than your regular detergent. I had a small 21-ounce bottle and I washed 14 loads.

Interestingly enough, as I alluded to earlier, there are other applications that were probably not originally intended. Richard Bryne, CEO of Speedplay Pedals, has been a huge fan of WIN since he discovered how it completely removed all pet odors from his dog's bedding.

"I swear by this stuff," insists Bryne. "It's the only product I know of that can completely remove odors. In addition to our dog bedding, I've been using it exclusively on my cycling clothing since first trying it. My shorts and jerseys come out smelling much fresher than I ever thought possible."

Jim Woodman, a founder of The Active Network, is also sold on the dog bedding application. "I've never been able to quite get my dog bedding completely fresh smelling till I tried WIN," claims Woodman. "But this stuff really works. The only slight problem I have is that we now have a front-loading washer that requires low-suds detergents and WIN definitely is a high-suds product. I probably need to use a little less product."

As I read back over my last few paragraphs I'm horrified to realize that I'm coming off like a dreaded laundry detergent commercial -- testimonials and everything. Please forgive me, but it's the only way I can convey this product's groundbreaking formula and effectiveness.

Let's move on to the science of how WIN works.

Winning formula

That musty odor that workout clothes develop is caused when bacteria that's attracted to sweat-soaked fabric becomes embedded in the clothing fibers. WIN's "super oxygenated" formula targets odor causing bacteria by penetrating and removing the sweat and odor that's trapped in the fibers. WIN's ability to remove sweat and odor from these microfibers makes it unique among detergents.

WIN is safe and gentle for both hot and cold water, and hand or machine washing and is safe for all colors and fabrics, and it's biodegradable based on federal biodegradability standards.

While WIN retails for a slightly hefty $13.99 for two, 21-ounce bottles, you have to consider the concentrated nature of the product and how much less you need to use than conventional detergents. Visit for more information.

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