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Wire 8 - February 4, 2000

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  • 2000 Women's U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials qualifiers list on-line
    *39 states represented; 8 five-time Trials qualifiers

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Columbia Countdown:

The 2000 U.S. Olympic Team Trials--Women's Marathon hosted by Columbia, South Carolina is only three weeks away. On Saturday, February 26, America's best female marathoners will vie for berths on the U.S. Olympic team and $250,000. In upcoming Running USA wires, look for Trials updates, qualifier information and statistics and more. In addition, Trials information is available at the event website: For media accreditation for the Trials, contact Chrissie Poore at (803) 777-4473.

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Final 2000 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifiers List On-Line 39 states represented; 8 five-time Trials qualifiers

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (February 4, 2000)--The 2000 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials qualifiers list with age and hometown is available at the USA Track & Field Road Running Information Center's website ( With her 2:28:34, Libbie Hickman, 34, from Ft. Collins, Colorado is the top qualifier. 209 U.S. women from 39 states qualified by time and 35 women achieved the "A" standard (2:42:00 or faster). The "B" standard was 2:42:01 to 2:50:00.

Eight women have qualified by time for all five U.S. Women's Olympic Marathon Trials and they are:

Kellie Archuletta, 38, Las Vegas, NV

Bev Docherty, 41, St. Paul, MN

Janice Ettle, 41, Roseville, MN

Angela French, 41, Phoenix, AZ

Cindy Keeler, 42, Clermont, FL

Janis Klecker, 39, Minnetonka, MN

Julie Peterson, 40, Beverly, MA

Jane Welzel, 44, Ft. Collins, CO

Note: 1984 Olympic Marathon champion, Joan Samuelson from Freeport, Maine also has qualified for all five Trials races, but her 1988 qualification was an automatic entry because she was a 1984 Olympian. Likewise, two-time Olympic marathoner Cathy O'Brien from Durham, NH also is a five-time qualifier as she is an automatic 2000 qualifier as a past Olympian.

Most female qualifiers by state

39 states overall

California = 29

Colorado = 16

Minnesota = 16

New York = 12

Pennsylvania = 12

Massachusetts = 10

Utah = 9

Florida = 8

Georgia = 8

Oregon = 8

Wisconsin = 8

Average age women = 33.5 years old

Average age in 1996 = 32.2 years old

Youngest = Keri Wells, 23, Maple, WI--(born February 10, 1977)

Oldest = Marina Jones, 48, Palm Desert, CA--(born February 8, 1952)

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