Try olive oil or Lycra to stop painful chafing

Heavier runners, usually classed as Clydesdales and Athenas, sometimes experience chafing on their inner thighs that can lead painful and embarrassing raw skin. The cure: Before you go out to run, apply olive oil to your inner thighs. Afterward, shower and apply corn starch. Or try wearing short Lycra tights.

Watch out for ticks
Most tick bites occur in May, June, and July. To protect yourself, use insect repellent and wear full-length or light-colored clothing (easier to see the ticks) when running on grassy or wooded trails. Check for ticks as soon as you return; look between the toes, behind the knees, under the arms, behind the ears, in the hair, and around the groin and navel areas. Then shower right away.

Take the nap test
Sit in a quiet place, breathe slowly, and let your mind wander. Count down from 100 with each breath. If you don't fall asleep, or if you fall asleep for 10 minutes or less, put on you running shoes and head out. If you nap for more than 10 minutes, you need rest more than a run.

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