Police: Dentist confirms Simoni line on cocaine test

TRENTO, Italy, May 23 (AFP) The dentist of Italian cyclist Gilberto Simoni has confirmed he treated the Saeco rider the same day he tested positive for cocaine, police sources said here on Thursday.

Simoni, 30, who is currently defending the Tour of Italy he won last season and who won Thursday's 11th stage, tested positive for the drug after a surprise test on April 24.

His team claimed Wednesday that the dentist had injected him with carbocaine which can produce a positive test for the better-known recreational drug.

The dentist, Bruno Grosselli, has confirmed to police the explanation put forward by the rider and his team.

Simoni said from Campitello Matese, where the Tour of Italy 11th stage ran to Thursday, that he felt partly guilty for the debacle.

"I feel guilty by negligence, I have dirtied this sport that I love," he said before adding that he hoped the affair would not stop his participation in the upcoming Tour de France.

Police took away samples of the product from Grosselli's surgery as part of an investigation being run by the Trento district attorney Bruno Giardina.

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