HER STORYTM: Meet Joan Joesting-Mahoney, ultra-cyclist and three-time Ironman

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Joan Joesting-Mahoney
Melbourne, Fla.

Age: 67

Sports: Cycling, running, weight lifting, indoor rowing

Profession: College English instructor

How I got started in sports: In 1969 while I was under the stress of writing my doctoral dissertation, my doctor told me I needed to exercise and suggested either running or tennis. Running was more convenient because I didn't need a partner or tennis court.

Favorite place to be active: Palm Bay, Fla.

Life/sport philosophy: Don't let problems or challenges hold you back.

Athletic highlights: I hold the Perimeter Bicycling Association of America world record for cycling, over 80,000 miles total (PBAA cyclists ride the perimeter of any defined geographical boundary of 50 miles or more). I've cycled Australia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Iceland,Ireland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Belgium, England, Wales, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. I also hold three women's Concept2 indoor rowing records, including the longest continual row of 30 hours, and I am a three-time Hawaii Ironman finisher.

Athletic goals: I'm training to cycle the perimeters of Lativa, Estonia and Lithuania this summer. I also want to beat the men's 72-hour indoor rowing record.

Favorite fuel: Before training I eat whole wheat bread, low-fat margarine and jam. I also love chocolates. I can't live without them!

When I'm not biking or lifting, I'm: Teaching, writing, reading or knitting.

Other interesting facts: I have very long hair and have vowed not to cut it until a woman is elected president of the United States. My husband insists that I will be walking on it by then. I believe I'm the only person in the world who has done a 24-hour run, a 24-hour bicycle ride and a 24-hour row. And I'm pretty sure I'm one of few 67-year-old women powerlifters.

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