Dirt bike training tips

Stay hydrated

Hydration is extremely important to ride safely. Dehydration limits your ability to think clearly and make wise decisions. It is critical to make wise decisions while riding a dirt bike to avoid crashes and injuries.

Staying hydrated is more difficult than one would believe, especially when riding in desert climates and exerting high levels of energy. To aid riders, we recommend purchasing a water pack (hydration system) that enables them to take sips while riding.

Ride in attack position

Riding in attack position utilizes the performance technology built into the design of the motorcycle. Essentially, your motorcycle will handle bumps, turns, and bad terrain much better and give the rider more control.

Attack position key points: Use a standing posture with your chin 15 to 24 inches over the handle bar, keep your elbows up, and knees over pegs slightly squeezing the motorcycle.

Wear the proper protective gear

Dress for the crash! If you ride long enough, you can be certain that you will crash. We recommend purchasing the best gear available. Wear all the protection that is manufactured for dirt bikers. Examples: helmets (CA law), goggles, boots, gloves, body armor unit, roost protector, knee guards, elbow guards, hip and tail bone padding, neck collars, riding pants and jerseys.

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