Cycling coaches are money well-spent

Coach for hire! So, you are thinking about taking your training to the next level, huh? First thing you need to do is to find a coach.

Why a coach, you ask? A coach is an invaluable tool to improve your performance. Just like a better bike or better running shoes can help you go faster, a coach can help your training progress faster.

You spend an immense amount of money on bikes, travel, training books, shoes, entry fees, etc., all in an effort to get faster or stronger. But a lot of people really havent looked or thought of the most cost- and time-efficient tool for achieving better performance, "Coaching!"

A coach will help you develop a training program to suit your personal needs. No book can really do that! A coach will help you set realistic personal goals. He or she will assess your weaknesses and your strengths in order to develop the best training program for you. No computer program can do that!

A coach will help you develop a training program that achieves small goals to keep you on track to obtain a larger goal. All of this is done to help you achieve your dream goal. I dont know of any videotape that can do that!

If you want an example of what a coach can do for you, just look at the Olympics. Nearly every athlete had a coach behind him or her all the way from their first competition to their Olympic debut.

A personal coach is a person to bounce ideas off of and someone to help you find answers to your questions. A coach will help you obtain the necessary sports-specific skills that you need.

Whether you need help with balance, bike handling, race tactics, or any other skill, a coach can help you learn. He or she should give you consistent motivation while keeping your feet on the ground when necessary.

In addition to all of this, a good coach will notice the progress that you make even when you cant. You look in the mirror every single day and dont see the small changes as they happen, but a coach will. Did anyone ever tell you, Man, you sure have changed or Boy, what did you do last winter? You got fast! and you didnt even know it. Thats just my point!

One of a coachs most important functions is to look further ahead than most athletes are capable of looking. In order to help you achieve your dream goals, your coach has to keep his eyes on the objective and make careful plans to keep you moving toward that goal.

He can help you integrate your training into your busy life and still keep you on track for your athletic goals. If you make changes for the better, based on what your coach suggests to you, you will get better and faster at your given sport. Guaranteed.

So what is the end result? Everyone needs a coach. Not just the pro athlete. Everyone needs a coach. Even you.

Kevin Lee Lippert is a CTS EliteForm coach and can be reached at

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