Carmichael Training Systems: Coaching packages

Many of the best cyclists in the world call him, "Coach" now you can, too.

CTS is breaking new ground ... Pushing the envelope to advance cycling within the United States and beyond.

Never before has quality and proven coaching been made available to cyclists of all levels. The goal of Carmichael Training Systems is to grow the sport of cycling to levels never reached before.

We develop and train cyclists with the goal of achieving once unattainable levels of fitness. CTS is now making its services available to all ... The same services that we provide many of the best cyclists in the world ... Don't you think it is time to begin to Train Right and to Ride Fast?

Membership Packages:

  • IntroForm
  • FitnessForm
  • Cycling
  • Chris Carmichael
  • MultiSport
  • UltraEndurance
  • Adventure Racing

    CTS Coaching Services provide all members:

  • Personal coaching and consultation
  • Detailed daily training programs
  • Telephone, e-mail, and fax consultations with no time limits
  • Race strategy and tactical development
  • Consultations on diet, nutrition and ergogenic aids
  • Consultation on equipment, components and supplies
  • Analysis of past training and racing
  • Weekly analysis of training progress and race results
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