Carmichael Traing Systems: coaching credentials

Chris Carmichael represents the modern evolution of bicycle racing in the United States. Throughout his 20-plus years in the sport, Carmichael has personally gotten to know every experience from every level and perspective that exists in the world of cycling.

Racing and Coaching Experience
Chris Carmichael brings you a careers worth of racing and coaching experience:

  • 1999 USOC Coach of the Year
  • USA Cycling Elite Level Coaching Certification
  • UCI/IOC Certified Coaching Instructor
  • U.S. Olympic Cycling Team Head Coach
  • Head Coach of U.S. Worlds team (19948 medals, 3 gold)
  • 1993-1997 Head Coach of the U.S. Cycling Team
  • U.S. Olympic Team Member
  • Competitor: Tour de Suisse, Tour De France, Tour of Italy
  • Team 7-Eleven Member

    As an athlete, he experienced the dream of every amateur sportsman by being selected to the 1984 Olympic Team. As a professional cyclist, he was one of the pioneers of the 7-Eleven team, Americas first team to race the Tour de France. He then took his experiences as an athlete to the coaching ranks.

    CTS Trained Athletes

  • Lance Armstrong (World Champion, Tour Winner)
  • George Hincapie (National Champion)
  • Dede Demet Barry (World Champion)
  • Dylan Casey (National Champion)
  • Matt Kelly (World Champion)
  • Jess Swiggers (National Champion)
  • Peter Reid (World Champion) And many more ... Including many masters national champions

    In 1990, the USCF named him mens road coach. Hired for his experience and insight in the sport, Carmichael entered the coaching world without knowing his fate. He soon learned. Utilizing a formula of personal experience, high expectations, and cutting edge training and technology, he proved himself as a successful coach, trainer and administrator.

    During his tenure with USA Cycling, he coached two Olympic teams, led the U.S. to an unprecedented eight medals at the World Championships, and, as national coaching director, laid the foundation for U.S. cycling success for years to come. Carmichael created USA Cyclings Coaching Education Program, a certification program designed to education and develop cycling coaches.

    He directed Project 96, USA Cyclings Olympic technology project, and guided Lance Armstrongs return from cancer to professional racing.

    In 1999, Carmichael formed Carmichael Training Systems in order to bring quality coaching to not just the elite athlete but people of all active lifestyles. CTS provides the finest in personal coaching, training camps and CTS Certified Performance Products. In his position with CTS, Carmichael coaches champion athletes like Lance Armstrong and George Hincapie along with people of all athletic levels.

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