What Is a Triathlon and Why Should You Do One?

Cycling is an excellent workout for the cardiovascular system, similar to swimming, but the legs get a more work. Cycling still requires a strong core and upper body to steer and balance the bike, but it is the legs that do the bulk of the work. Ride a hilly course or do speedy interval and the workload increases. One of the best benefits of cycling is that it allows you to cover much more distance and see more geography than the other two sports.

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Running is the least complicated sport of the three. If you want to go for a run, all you need is a good pair of shoes that fit your feet and you're set. Open the door and go. Running is a great weight-bearing workout to help keep your bones strong and it is the easiest sport to do while traveling.

Why Tri?

Some people come to the sport of triathlon because too much running resulted in injuries. The crosstraining aspect of triathlon helps reduce injuries and adds variety to workouts.

Other people are drawn to the challenge that triathlon offers; perhaps it's something to cross off of a bucket list.  

No matter the reason, many find that although triathlon is an individual sport, the camaraderie offered by group training opportunities makes the sport more fun than running alone day after day.

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No matter what intrigues you about triathlon, maybe it's time to train for your first event? The best part is that training doesn't have to take up a lot of time. A person with very limited fitness can be ready for their first sprint triathlon in around 12 weeks, training no more than 4.5 hours per week in the biggest week of training. Most weeks are less training volume.  

Maybe your reasons for investigating the sport of triathlon are similar to those mentioned in the column. Maybe you have your own reasons for wanting to do a triathlon. Maybe the best reason to do a triathlon is simply because you can.

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