Simple Strength Exercises for a Stronger Triathlon

Does extra time in the weight room translate to a faster swim, bike and run?

Peter Valentyik, a swim coach with Boulder, Colorado-based Revolution Multisport, is convinced it does.

"Having allover strength—especially core and upper body strength—can improve your body position in the water, give you a higher cadence and more efficient foot strike on the run, not to mention lowering fatigue risks," Valentyik says.

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There's no need to bulk up like a bodybuilder, though. Incorporating a simple strength routine into your triathlon training plan three times a week is all you need to see results on race day.

Here's a quick-and-easy full body workout tailored to the triathlete.

Target Area: Core
The Results: "A strong core maintains horizontal body position and minimizes feet drag in the water," Valentyik says. Core strength also increases overall power in the bike and run.
The Move: Leg lifts with exercise ball
How To: Lie flat on the ground with a fitness ball between your ankles. Squeezing the balls with your ankles and keeping your core tight, slowly raise your legs until they are at a 90-degree angle. Hold for a beat, then lower your legs in a controlled motion until they're about an inch off the ground. Hold for a beat, then repeat 20 times.

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