How to Break Through a Training Rut

Most runners will experience points in their training where they feel tired of running or are just bored with their running routine. Experiencing running fatigue is normal and does not mean that you don't love your sport anymore.  You just need to find a way to change things up a bit. Here are six tips you can try to make your running more fun again.

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1. Try a different route.

Often when you run the same route over and over you go on autopilot as you no longer need to actively pay attention to where you're going. Your body and mind know the route too well. Trying a new route will make you actively engage more in your run and you may also enjoy the new scenery. So go try a new trail through the woods or run through a different section of your town. Take in the new foliage or the curb appeal of the new houses you pass.

2. Vary your pace.

If you are constantly running at the same pace every time, try running intervals. This is where you run slowly for a set distance or time and then speed up for a while and then slow back down. Repeatedly changing your pace will help to revive the challenge that running once posed.

If intervals aren't your thing, then merely slow your pace down or speed it up slightly throughout the entire run. The point is to break up your routine so that your brain and body respond to your desires consciously.

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3. Vary the distance you run.

Since most runners get into a set routine and often distance, runs can get stale. Try increasing your distance a little; maybe add an additional mile or two. If running longer does not excite you then cut back on your distance some. Running a little less for a while may be just what you need to allow yourself to enjoy your runs again.

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4. Run with a friend.

If you've been running for a little while, you probably know several runners in your neighborhood. Ask them is they'd be interested in a running partner on some of their runs. Try to find someone that comes close to the speed you're targeting.  Don't worry about distance though. If one of you wants to run farther than the other, then run part of the distance together and split up at the end. Having someone to motivate you and to share conversation with is a great pick me up for many runners.

If you're having difficulty finding someone to run with, find a running club in your area. Many running clubs have runners of all speeds and abilities so you will probably find someone that is a good match for your running prowess.

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