Athlete's Survival Guide to Holiday Eating

Emergency Preparedness Kit

There are times when you may find yourself stuck for hours at holiday parties facing foods that are downright scary (fruitcake comes to mind). 

Instead of eating out of "politeness," excuse yourself to the bathroom and pull out your emergency stash of snacks hidden in your purse or pockets, such as raw nuts, food bars, dark chocolate, and stuff like that.

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Perhaps this sounds extreme.  But when you have dairy and gluten issues, you learn to be creative and take matters into your own hands.  And after all, parties are about enjoying the people, too.

Keep Moving

Unless you are injured or in major recovery mode, stay active.

You may be bored with your usual training routine. So dust off the skis, snow shoes, and sleds. Or if you live in a warmer climate, drag out your hiking shoes and Frisbee. 

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Replace eating and drinking activities with physical ones for reconnecting with your friends and family over the holidays.

The 2013 race season is right around the corner. Stay fit while taking some time to play with your pals before training heats up again.

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