A Healthy Valentine's Day Dinner

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When you think about Valentine's Day food, what typically comes to mind? Rich, sugary mass-produced chocolates? Butter-drenched steaks and lobster? Those chalky candy hearts with phrases like "Be Mine" on them? Not only are these lame, played-out and overdone, but they're also not healthy.

Valentine's Day is about showing the people you love (or, in some cases, one very special person) how you feel about them. What better way to showcase your affection than by lovingly preparing a healthy, delicious meal to share? This menu is easy, nutritious and impressive. Skip the reservations and stay in for your healthiest and sexiest Valentine's Day yet.

First Course

Happy Heart Salads

These cute all-vegetable salads feature heart-healthy avocado and fruity olive oil, as well as sweet crunchy carrots and crisp cucumbers, broccoli and onions. If you and your honey can't bear the thought of an onion-y make out session, feel free to replace the onion smiles with curvy red bell pepper strips.

Second Course

White Bean Fritters Over Greens

Show your love for your lover, as well as the environment, and cook these beautiful, healthy bean fritters over lightly-dressed greens. Gorgeous colors and a variety of sumptuous textures will surely please your darling's palate.

Third Course

Mini Chocolate Cakes with Olive Oil and Himalayan Pink Salt

These gorgeous heart-shaped cakes feature superfood chocolate, luxurious-yet-shockingly-affordable Himalayan Pink Salt (check out Trader Joe's for inexpensive grinders), and heart-healthy extra virgin olive oil. What a sweet finish to a scrumptious meal.

Just Add...

A sweetie (or just someone you love—Valentines Day is not just for lovers.), a bottle of bubbly (choose prosecco for a less-expensive-but-still satisfying champagne stand-in), soft music and a little candlelight.

Happy Valentines Day.

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