Core Training

Whether you're new to strength training or looking for a fresh challenge, these tips and tricks offer balance challenges, agility work, high-intensity intervals, weight-lifting routines and more. No matter what you want to achieve, use this guide to help reach your fitness goal.

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6 Outdoor Fitness Exercises
By Scott Yorko

You don't need a gym or fancy fitness equipment to get in shape. These six moves will let you enjoy the great outdoors, and get a full-body workout.

Eating to Prevent and Heal Injury

Smart training certainly helps prevent injuries. But so does maintaining a nutritious and well-rounded diet. Follow this guide to learn which foods wi

Your 5-Minute Cardio Mini-Workout

This turbo-charged cardio workout centers on mini bursts with kettle-bell style exercises and scissor-jack moves with lower-impact alternatives that c

11 Family-Friendly Turkey Trots
By Beth Roessner

Start a new Thanksgiving tradition this year; participate in a race with the whole family. Everyone, from visiting grandparents to canine companions,