Balancing Fitness With Family

Members work towards a culminating event in their sport of choice.

"Anticipating children, I knew it was going to be challenging to find time to maintain my athletic goals, but I knew I had to for my sanity," said mom and triathlete Jamie Allison.

"Working out was such an integral part of my life. It always gave me a fresh perspective, an attitude adjustment, a second wind and energy. I knew I could be better at everything if I could maintain my level of fitness. But I knew it was going to be tough if I didn't create a support system."

The Balancing Act

Female athletes across the globe face the same problem -- trying to combine the roles of both athlete and mom. That's what inspired one woman to start up Moms In Motion -- an organization that provides women with programs in which they take time for themselves, improve their fitness, build new friendships and give back to their community.

Founded by teacher, triathlete and mom Jamie Allison in 1999, the company was designed to bring women together in a constructive, meaningful way.

"Women--especially moms--often find themselves overwhelmed with multiple roles and limited time for themselves," Allison explains. "As a new mom myself, I wanted a place where I could connect with other women who could understand what it meant to be a mom and still get to practice."

All Types of Women, All Types of Sports

With that goal in mind, Moms In Motion was born. The company's first endeavor was to create a triathlon training team. After three successful years, Allison decided it was time to expand the concept to include a range of sports. If enough members express interest in a sport they create a new team.

Nationally, you can find Moms In Motion Teams in road running, hiking, cycling, triathlon, trail running, walking and most recently surfing! Leaders take members through a "season" (usually 10-12 weeks), building towards a culminating event. At the same time the team selects a charity to support, deepening the overall experience.

With over 40 national teams and three international teams (Canada, France and South Africa), Jamie has tapped into a much needed, unique niche.

Moms In Motion draws women of all ages and abilities--women who have recovered from life-threatening illness, women who have never been active before, past athletes, women looking for a new challenge, women who want to address weight issues and women who just want to make new friends.

Through the Support of Others

"For thousands of women, Moms In Motion is the highlight of their week," says Allison.

Allison's vision of creating a national health & fitness community is taking on a life of its own. "I am thrilled when I hear how members have found a Moms In Motion Team in their new community after a move. And I am excited about our team leaders who are organizing their culminating events with other team leaders so members can meet each other and participate together. It's like one big family!"

Jamie Allison is a mother, wife, educator and athlete. Ms. Allison received her Masters in Education at the UCSB and has been recently inducted into the Santa Barbara Triathlon Hall of Fame, Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table Hall of Fame, co-recipient of the Louise Lowry Davis Award for her contribution to women in sports, founded the UCSB Triathlon Team, founded the National Intercollegiate Triathlon Circuit and is now focused on helping women start Moms In Motion Teams in their community. For more information about Moms In Motion, visit

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