Volleyball Partner Dig Drill

Squads that can dig effectively can often control the pace, and the outcome, of matches. Boost your team's ability to "dig" properly with this practice drill.

Setting Up the Drill

Set up two players, 20-25 feet apart. One player mixes throwing (or hitting) fast-moving balls and slow moving balls at the digger.

Body Position

Feet wide apart, hands in front and palms to the ceiling. Feet should be at least shoulder width apart.

Position is low and balanced with feet pointing straight ahead. Arms and shoulders are relaxed.

Shoulders are forward and hips are back. Hands ahead of head. Head ahead of shoulders, shoulders ahead of knees, knees ahead of feet. Hands are inside of knees and knees are inside of feet.

Key to the Drill

Keep body and feet still while waiting to dig and whenever possible during the dig.

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