Half Ironman Triathlon & Ironman 70.3

Your Guide to Ironman 70.3 Training

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Bike Review: Cervelo R5

Following the success of the luxurious (and pricey) Cervelo RCA, the popular bike manufacturer looked to slash the price while offering many of the sa

3 TRX Moves for Triathletes

Working out with a TRX Suspension Trainer can help you strengthen the muscles used in running, cycling and swimming. Try this workout to build strengt

5 Race-Day Tips to Dominate an Ironman

A longdistance triathlon has a lot of pitfalls that can derail a good day. Here's how to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the rigors of a

4 Rules for Setting the Right Race Goals

The pros have the ultimate motivation: a paycheck. What about the amateur athlete? Learn how setting goals the right way can bring you across the fini

How the Pros Stay Lean

Trimming down for peak performance is tricky, even for the pros. Take cues from successful elites to reach your ideal racing weight.


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