Seuss' Excuses: Training Motivation to Get Ready for Race Day

Yesterday I tripped and stubbed my toe
It's swollen, blue, it has laid me low

My chain is dry, it says groan and squeak
Oh darn, the bike shop's closed this week
When I washed my jersey, I washed my Gu's
My Roctane, Shot Blocks, and my Chews

My ankle's sore, my back's messed up
My running dog is just a pup
My training partner goes yak yak yak
He talks and talks and talks some smack

The sun is out, it's blazing hot
Such delicate skin can burn a lot
My Garmin's charge is nearly spent
I won't know how far I went

I've never seen this TV show
Just one more YouTube video
Macca says getting rest is a must
Joe Friel too, in him I Trust

Oh no, my race is only days away
Better get on those shoes and get on my way!

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