How to Watch Your Calories While Traveling

The holiday season is upon us and for many people that means a lot more travel. Long rides in planes, trains and automobiles do not usually equal healthy, balanced meals on the go. Most travelers will opt for the fastest, cheapest and most convenient foods available. We all know that fast, cheap and convenient food isn't high in the "good for you, nutritious, and healthy" list.

So, what should you do when you're hungry at the airport or out on the highway? When you're surrounded by florescent lights beaming with 20 different fast food restaurants that offer you a meal in 5 minutes or less?
The good news is you can eat healthy on the road or in the air. It will take some planning, but eating right usually does take planning and there is no exception for travel. So, plan your meals for the road. If the road trip is 6 hours, do a little research online before you leave and choose to stop at places that offer healthy options.

There are great websites that list what restaurants are at each exit along your route. lists food, lodging and other special interests at exits all over the country. Even airports offer some healthier options. Don't be fooled by the mass majority of fast food—you can find a healthy salad or grilled chicken even in the smallest of airports.

Another thing you can do while traveling is bring your own meals and snacks. You can do this both on car trips and air travel. While the TSA won't allow you to bring liquids through the security checkpoints, you will be able to bring items such as fruit, veggies, or trail mix. When you're driving, you can pack a cooler to keep food fresh.

If you are staying at a hotel during your travels, try to stay at one with a gym or pool in order to work out. Some hotels even have agreements with local (within walking distance) gyms that will allow you to work out for free as long as you are a guest at a certain hotel. When making reservations, call around and ask if the hotel you have in mind offers such benefits. You will have no excuse for not getting in at least 30 minutes of exercise per day if you choose a hotel with a gym or gym membership partnership.
Travel doesn't have to derail your diet and exercise plan. Planning ahead can really help keep you on track. Enjoy your travels and happy holidays.

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