Trail Running Tips

Your Guide to Trail Running Training

Trail running is a great way to combine running and the outdoors. Use this resource to find trail races near you, learn how to thrive in trail running races and connect with other trail runners.

Trail Running Articles & Advice

Why Do People Run Barefoot?
By Trisha Reeves

What's all the hype around barefoot running? Find out why people are shedding their footwear, and why you might want to.

6 Running Safety Tips
By Lauren Hargrave

Before you step out the door for your run, make sure you protect yourself with these six tips.

What Are the Best Dogs for Running?
By Gale Bernhardt

Here, Active Expert Gale Bernhardt breaks down which breeds make the best running dogs, and how you can decide which one is right for you.

Trail Running Shoes 101
By Michael Clarke

New to trail running? Not sure if you want, or even need, a pair of trail-specific running shoes? Here's what you need to know about purchasing your n