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Your Guide to Trail Running Training

Trail running is a great way to combine running and the outdoors. Use this resource to find trail races near you, learn how to thrive in trail running races and connect with other trail runners.

Trail Running Articles & Advice

Beach Running Tips and Sand Workouts
By Tyler Pake

Hit the sand for a strength-enhancing, balance-increasing, lower-impact run. Complete with four sand workouts, this guide reveals everything you need

5K Training Tips for Beginners
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If you're training for a 5K for the first time, or the first time in a long time, these five tips will put you on the right track to cross the finish

5 Running Workouts For Beginners
By Jennifer Van Allen

Whether you're a new runner or you're easing back into running after an injury, these workouts will help you work on pacing and increase your mileage

9 Marathons That Push the Envelope
By Bob Cooper

These races don't offer the same old courses, post-race parties and extras. Technology, live bands and unique courses make them worth trying at least