Taking a Nation to the Olympic Games

Media Services

An entire media team is assembled to report on happenings at the Games. This particular group of journalists is known as the USOC Media Services team and is separate from private or commercial media teams, such as NBC or ESPN.

Medical Services

An entire team of doctors, massage therapists and athletic trainers are assembled to keep Team USA healthy. All members of the official USA Delegation are eligible for medical assistance.

What if an athlete wants to use their own massage therapist? A personal masseuse, doctor, trainer, etc. would need to pay their own way to the Games, as well as pay for room and board. If they are not an accredited member of the team, access to the athlete will be limited while he or she is in the Athlete Village or at official competition venues.


Unfortunately, the safety and security of athletes traveling abroad is a fairly large issue. Security measures to keep American athletes is no small undertaking, and requires a coordinated effort from USOC security, hired security officials, U.S. military and local Olympic security personnel.

There are security checkpoints at the entrance to every self-contained venue. These checkpoints can include X-ray machines and full inspection of bags and vehicles. Vehicles are inspected under the hood, in the trunk, console, dashboard and mirrors are used to check under the car.
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