The Tuck and Tap Catching Drill

Understanding proper football catching mechanics is absolutely vital for the success of any receiver or back.

While it's possible to make catches while ignoring the proper mechanics, the chances of the ball bouncing off of a player's hands or getting popped out by a defender are much higher.

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That's why sometimes instead of making players practice running routes or forcing them to learn how to isolate the ball, I like to give them this easy catching drill where they can focus on going back to the basics.

Tuck and Tap

One of the biggest mistakes a receiver or back can make is thinking that their job is done once they've made the catch.

Ignoring basic ball security techniques, or being lackadaisical with the ball post-catch, is exactly what defenders hope for. One of the first things cornerbacks are taught is how to punch the ball out of a receiver's hands right after they make the catch.

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To ensure that a defender won't be able to dislodge the ball, I like to run this simple drill I call Tuck and Tap.

Have two receivers stand with about 10 yards distance between them.

Now they're going to throw the ball back and forth to each other, with the focus being on tucking the ball under the armpit of their strong hand on the catch, and tapping the exposed corner of the football with their off hand.

Practicing this drill and catching the ball this way will ensure that it's covered and protected. It will be more difficult for a defender to reach the ball or punch it out of the pocket.

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