The Best Fitness Apps to Track Your Health and Fitness

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Are you heading into the new year with a plan to focus on improving your health and wellness? Whether you've committed to eating a more balanced diet or set a goal to run your first half marathon, you don't have to tackle your health and fitness goals alone; there are apps available that allow you to focus on health and wellness right from your phone. Below you'll find eight of the most highly rated.

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Health begins with consuming food that is good for your body, and the MyFitnessPal app is a tried and true way to make sure that you're feeding your body the healthy food it needs. The app allows users to keep a food diary, track food with easy logging options like barcode scanning and provides access to one of the world's largest health and fitness communities to help users stay committed to their nutrition and fitness goals.

Map My Run/Map My Walk

One of the best things about walking or running is that you don't need a gym membership to do it, you can just lace up your shoes and go. The Map My Run and Map My Walk apps make exercising outside easy by allowing users to track and map their workouts—and not just runs and walks, either. The app also tracks cycling, cross training, yoga and more. Our favorite feature is scrolling through other mapped runs and walks in our area to find new and unexplored routes to tackle. 


With a mission to help people around the world lead healthier lives through behavior change, Noom helps users set goals and stay motivated, log food with the swipe of a finger, track weight loss and gradually master healthy habits. The app also has some fun additional functions, like practical tips that can help you understand why you have certain eating habits.


Mental health is a key component to physical health, and that's where the Calm app comes in. One of the most popular apps on iTunes and the No. 1 health and fitness app, Calm features meditation and sleep stories, breathing exercises to help you relax, peaceful music that is great for turning on when you need to focus on a task and master classes taught by experts.

Beachbody On Demand

This fitness and nutrition app gives users access to Beachbody's proven workouts and nutrition program. The short but intense exercises offered on the app can be done in as little as 10 minutes with minimal or no equipment. There are hundreds of workouts to choose from, including strength training, cardio, dance, mixed martial arts and more. The app also offers customized fitness routines, recipes and meal prep tips. 


The MINDBODY app helps users choose from the best fitness classes, spa treatments and salon appointments and is a great app to have if you are a frequent traveler but still want to maintain a regular fitness class schedule. The app allows users to discover new workout classes, book classes directly from your phone and keep track of workouts. If you want to spend a few hours of self-care at the salon or spa, MINDBODY can book that for you, too.

Yummly Recipes 

It can be a challenge finding new, delicious and healthy recipes to keep your taste buds satisfied. Enter the Yummly app, which allows users to discover over 2 million new recipes personalized just for them. The app also allows you to collect and save recipes and provides videos that help newbie cooks expand their skills in the kitchen. 

Down Dog

Yoga is one of those workouts that clears the mind, pleases the body and can be accomplished almost anywhere. With the Down Dog app, users get a brand new yoga practice every time they hit their mat. The app is beginner friendly and offers a 3-day intro to yoga series. Users have the ability to focus on 12 different practice areas, allowing you to focus on a particular area or mix up your routine by cycling between them.

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