Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey in 2023 With These 8 Steps

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When the holidays come to a close but our pants don’t, many of us turn our attention to exercise by way of New Year’s resolutions. “Working on my fitness” is a perennial top contender for athletes and self-proclaimed coach potatoes alike. In fact, it was the reigning resolution champion of the world in 2022 and is trending toward the top spot again.

However, according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, less than half (46 percent) of fitness resolutioners will successfully maintain their plan of action. Don’t panic. If you need a full charge or just a little boost, our fitness experts are here with a few easy steps to help you jump-start your fitness journey in 2023.

1. Create Accountability

Once you have decided on your fitness path of least resistance, it’s time to become accountable. Like fitness, accountability isn’t one-size-fits-all. So if announcing your plan to train for your first 5K on Facebook or TikTok is motivation for lacing up those shiny new running shoes, by all means do it.

However, if just the thought of that made you sweat like you had already run those 3.1 miles, don’t fret. We had accountability before we had social media. Here are other ways to hold yourself accountable to your goals:

  • Tell a close circle of friends and ask them if they are willing to check in on your progress
  • Grab a buddy to work out with you
  • Make an accountability chart and put it in a place that you see every day
  • Invest in a fitness tracker
  • Take progress pictures
  • Treat yourself to small rewards for meeting goals

Accountability, especially to another person, is a crucial aspect of sticking to a fitness plan. Studies have shown that being accountable to someone increases the likelihood of completing the task to a whopping 95 percent.

Having a coach who has designed a fitness plan specifically for you is one way to hold yourself accountable. Future takes the guesswork out of your training plan and your coach keeps you showing up week after week.

2. Choose Your Own Fitness Adventure

Heavy breathing and sore muscles aren’t the only overwhelming factors of exercise. Simply figuring out what kind of workouts that you may enjoy can be hard, but if you want long-term success, it’s important to actually like the type of exercise that you are doing.

And if you’ve taken some time away from your fitness routine, you may find that you no longer enjoy the same type of activities that you once did. That is A-OK. If you loathe every step of running or if the thought of walking into a gym strikes fear into your heart, it does not mean that you’re destined for a sedentary lifestyle. It’s just that you simply haven’t found the right vibe yet.

Here are some questions to help you figure out the best path:

  • Will I thrive in a group setting, or am I a lone wolf?
  • Do I prefer to be outdoors, or is a gym setting right for me?
  • How much time does my schedule realistically allow for exercise?
  • What kind of sports/activities did I enjoy as a kid?
  • If I opt for a gym, how long is the commute?

Use your answers to shape what you do next. If you like to be around other people, research group exercise options near you. If it is hiking that you crave, check out local trails. Set yourself up for success by choosing something you will want to do.

If it is adventure and variety that you crave, check out the EchelonFit family of smart rowers, bikes, treadmills and fitness mirrors. With Echelon you can decide between a variety of live and on-demand videos led by professional trainers.

3. Join A Gym

Although going to a gym may not be the way to a fitter life for everyone, for others it is the only way. Gyms can offer structure, support, and community. Therefore, for many it is the easiest way to continue to show up. Gyms can be expensive, but fortunately, there is a wide variety of styles and price-ranges for gyms. With a little investigation, you can decide if you want a large gym with a lot of equipment or a more intimate studio style environment.

By committing to a healthier lifestyle, including paying for a gym membership, you may offset the cost of health-related issues in the future. Plus, gyms are often great ways to meet like-minded people, and having a group of supportive friends is not only good for your mental health, but it also can keep you showing up.

Before you go in for a sweat session, you can use the metabolism tracker, Lumen, to make sure that your body has enough energy to power you through or if you could use more nutrients to get you to your peak performance.

4. Make Fitness Accessible

Life can be hectic, and unfortunately one of the first things most people cut out is exercise. That’s why it is important to make it easy to get your fitness on. If you don’t have to worry about getting to the gym or if you don’t thrive in group settings, having gear on hand will help you train on a regular basis.

If you have the space and budget, outfitting your home or garage gym with a host of cardio and strength equipment is fantastic. However, with a host of innovative fitness mirrors on the market, you can bring classes straight to your living room.

Having an all-encompassing smart fitness system like Tonal in your home leaves you with only the flimsiest of excuses not to work out. This sleek, space-efficient mirror provides a wide range of live and on-demand workouts from strength training to yoga.

5. Get Equipped

A solid sweat session can be obtained with nothing more than a few feet of space and a comfy pair of shoes. However, if your goals include gains or being able to spice up your at-home workout, it might be worth investing in the type of equipment that will help you crush your objective.

  • For Beginners: For those new to fitness, the amount of equipment, accessories, and apps can get a little overwhelming. Start small. Add a Gaiam yoga mat and commit to 10 minutes of stretching, or buy some wearable Bala Bangles to add some weighted resistance on your walks.
  • Cardio: If your space and budget allows, the trifecta of cardio equipment - treadmill, rowing machine and stationary bike - is some tried and true fitness equipment that will help you pump-up your heart rate and your 2023 workout routine.
  • Equipment for Small Spaces: One of the biggest challenges to working out at home is the amount of space that fitness equipment takes up. However, with space-saving equipment, such as adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells, at-home fitnessers are able to workout without having to build an addition on their house to store bulky equipment.
  • Smart Home Gym Equipment: The at-home fitness game has changed thanks to innovative and interactive workout options. Programs such as Future, Tonal and Peloton bring programming, certified trainers and accountability through apps and/or a piece(s) of equipment.

Fitness equipment can quickly get pricey, and with so many competing brands, you may find yourself overwhelmed. That is why we always look to REP Fitness when buying gear. They make quality products at budget-friendly prices, and always offer free shipping.

6. Dial-In Your Nutrition

When looking to jump-start your fitness, it is important to remember that working out is not the only component. It is also imperative to evaluate your nutrition. This can be especially true after the sugar-and-booze-laden snack-o-rama that is the holiday season.

The quality of your nutrition directly affects the quality of your fitness. Here are a few simple nutritional rules that you can immediately implement to help charge up your workouts:

Crystal Hochman, certified functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, says, “Good nutrition does not have to be overwhelming. Start with making small changes to your overall diet and then concentrate on staying consistent. Continue to build on your good habits.”

Supplements can help your overall health and fitness, but adding them to your diet can be confusing and overwhelming. Fortunately, Transparent Labs takes out the worry by using quality products and clearly listing the ingredients in their products.

7. Get Some Rest

We live in a society that often prides itself on productivity and burning the proverbial candle at both ends. By doing so, we often degrade the role that a good night’s sleep plays in our overall well-being. Many top level athletes swear by a consistent seven- to nine-hour sleep schedule, and getting enough shuteye will help you jump into your fitness with no distracting yawns.

Before you hit the hay, check out these sleep-hacks to ensure that you’re rested up for the following day’s workouts.

  • Put down the phone, tablet and laptop two hours before bedtime
  • Don’t consume caffeine or large meals later in the evening
  • Try to go bed and wake up at the same time each day
  • Take a relaxing bath or shower
  • Invest in quality mattress, pillow and bedding

“The key component to a good day actually starts the night before. The amount and the quality of sleep that we get affects every aspect of our daily lives, including our exercise routines,” said lung health specialist and exercise physiology expert, Dr. Luis Javier Peña-Hernández, MD, FCCP.

After a long day, fall onto a Helix Mattress for a relaxing and rejuvenating slumber. Many doctors and sleep experts have endorsed Helix for their attention to different sleeping positions and body sizes.

8. Establish Reward Milestones

Treating yourself when you hit certain goals for your new healthy lifestyle is a beneficial and fun way to keep striving towards more. However, it is important that your treats don’t derail your accomplishments. Although it may be tempting to reward yourself with pizza or ice cream, rather find ones that encourage you to continue on your path.

Between fashionable workout clothes from companies like lululemon and NOBULL, stylish and functional shoes from adidas and Nike, and durable, budget-friendly workout equipment from REP Fitness and Titan Fitness (can you say free shipping?), there are plenty of options for you to continue to treat yo’ self.

The holiday season, with its twinkling lights and balsam-scented magic in the air, is a special time of year. However, the parties, travel and constant presence of sugar and booze can disturb our physical and mental well-being. Jump-starting your fitness routine is an excellent way to hit the reset button and make 2023 your fittest year yet.