7 Pain-Fighting Exercises Recommended by Doctors

This article originally appeared on Prevention.com Got a nagging ache? Recovering from a sprain?

The person you most want to talk to is a physical therapist: They improve bodies for a living. They know an important secret: Strength training. Research suggests that not only is it the best way to knock out pain, but like a magic pill it can also prevent pain in the first place.

"People often only think of exercise as a way of building muscle, until they get hurt," says Alonzo Wilson, founder of fitness studio Tone House New York and a former pro athlete. "Once you go to physical therapy, you find out that exercise is also a way to prevent and recover from injury."

You'll need a chair, small towel, heavy household object (such as a bag of flour or a hefty book), and a yoga mat to do these trainer-approved pain-pill moves

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