5 Pilates Moves You Can Do Anywhere

This article originally appeared on SELF.com.

Your duffel bag is packed with sunscreen and a new swimsuit—you're so ready for that summer getaway (and the excuse to use the tropical drink and palm tree emojis!).

Indulging on vacation is one of the many perks, but we know you want to rock a swimsuit while you do it. We tapped master Pilates instructor, foam rolling and alignment expert Lauren Roxburgh for five mat moves that you can do in your hotel room. You don't even need to be in workout gear—Lauren did a demo of the moves in jeans!

You'll "stretch and strengthen, elongate and tone at the same time," she says. The sequence only takes a few minutes, so you should do it twice for the best results and to make putting on that swimsuit more satisfying.

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