7 Exercises to Tone Your Lower Abs

Muffin top, gut, beer belly—call it whatever you like. Many are able to make the top row of the desirable 6-pack visible, but the dreaded lower abs can be challenging to develop.

You can't necessarily isolate one section of the rectus abdominis muscles, but you can target one area more than another. An effective way to do this is by performing exercises that move the lower body toward the upper body, as opposed to traditional movements (crunches and sit-ups), where the upper body moves toward the lower body.

A popular fitness saying is "abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym." When it comes to lower abs, this quote holds especially true.

You can perform ab exercises every day, but if you follow your workout with a trip to the local fast-food restaurant, your six-pack will remain a mystery.

Most individuals need to get their body fat percentage into the single digits to reveal the midsection. The solution is a combination of a healthy, clean diet consisting of eating real food, higher intensity workouts to help shed fat, and safe, effective ab exercises.

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