Try Something New in the Outdoors

Try Something New in the Outdoors

Have you ever wanted to try sailing or learn the real way to swing a golf club? The outdoors has many options when it comes to learning new things. Whether you're exploring new territories on water or land, this list will have something for you. Be sure to check out these fun outdoor events.


San Francisco, California - June 27 to July 1

Ready to cut the open waters? Ease into it with this class on Lake Merced with safe, certified instructors. You won't need any experience, but you should know how to swim. Read More

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Standup Paddleboarding

Hood River, Oregeon - July 18 to August 20

Let a certified SUP "Master Instructor" get you on a board and on your way to dominating all kinds of waters while standing up. You'll also learn safety and dry land training techniques. Read More

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Oconomowoc, Wisconsin - June 20, 27

You won't need anything but your curiosity and bathing suit for this instructional session on Lac La Belle. Kayak and other gear provided. Read More

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Rock Climbing

Duxbury, Maryland - July 18 to 21

Are you ready to push your activity level into a new world of physical and mental challenge? Rock climbing will exercise both your patience and your muscle endurance, especially your forearms! Read More

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Saint Paul, Minnesota - July 23

Volunteer interpreters of the Lilydale Regional Park will bring you from the river bottom up to Bruce Vento Overlook, explaining the natural history of the area where nature reclaimed a once bustling town. This informative jaunt is a fun way to develop an interest in hiking. Read More

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Belmont, California - Jully 16, 17

It's important to learn to surf in a safe environment. These certified lifeguard instructors will keep you comfortable as you learn everything from wave conditions to paddling techniques to etiquette. <br>Read More

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Mountain Biking

Yarmouth, Maine - August 15 to 19

Learn basic mountain biking skills, etiquette, and maintenance with other teens. The class is taught by a League Cycling Instructor and requires you bring your own bike, helmet and water bottle. Read More

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Trail Running

Sacramento, California - June 11 to July 30

Whether you're looking to get in shape, switch up your running routine, or you just really want the free t-shirt, this event is a fine way to kick-start your trail running experience. Read More

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Erie, Colorado - July 20

Get ready to appreciate nature in a whole new way as this class teaches you where to fish, what you need and how to enjoy it. Gear is provided but you're welcome to bring your own. Read More

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Elkridge, Maryland - June 18 to July 16

Golf can really stink if you don't know what you're doing. Do yourself a favor and start off with a foundation of some basic skills. No clubs needed. <br>Read More

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