6 Tips to Make Training for a Cycling Race Fun

The stresses of everyday life can add up quick. Cycling can serve as both a physical and mental relief valve from these pressures.

But what happens when the pressure of competition and training turn cycling into another source of stress?

Learning how to keep training in perspective is key for both long-term motivation and peak performance. Use these six tips to keep things fun when cycling gets to be too serious.

When Play Stops Being Fun

The sport of cycling has a lot to offer. Tech geeks love the equipment and outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to the open road. Introverts and extroverts alike can find their niche within a sport that offers both solitude and group experiences.

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Cycling serves up plenty of challenges as well. But what starts as a hobby often evolves into a lifestyle centered around training and competing, overshadowing everything else.

Sometimes More Isn't Better

Competitive cyclists are not casual riders or weekend warriors. The mileage, intensity and nature of the sport requires so much energy and attention that it becomes a lifestyle. The invention of high-tech devices that allow for the constant quantifying of progress and output can put added pressure on a rider.

This intense comparison-based culture intensifies the stress of training and increases the pressure to perform for results. Instead of enjoying the benefits of cycling, the added stress robs athletes of enjoyment and the opportunity to achieve peak performance.

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