5 Ways to Gain Cycling Confidence

Confidence is a deep, lasting and resilient belief in your ability to ride your best and achieve your cycling goals. Confidence keeps you positive, motivated, intense, focused and emotionally in control when you need it most, whether on a long and grueling climb or when you're trying to reel in a breakaway with only a few miles left. It will also help you to stay confident even when you're not riding well and, for example, when you're dropped from the lead pack (it happens to the best cyclists).

You can't be negative or uncertain in difficult races nor overconfident in easy races. Confidence also encourages you to seek out pressure situations and to view hard conditions and tough opponents as challenges to pursue. Ultimately, confidence enables you to ride at your highest level consistently.

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Five Keys to Confidence

I have identified five keys to building confidence in your cycling that will create an upward spiral of belief and determination. Each key alone can enhance your confidence, but if you use all of them together, you'll find your confidence growing more and more every day. The ultimate goal of cycling confidence is to develop a strong and resilient belief in your riding ability so that you have the confidence to give your best effort, ride at your highest level and believe that you can achieve your goals in the most important races of your life.

Preparation Breeds Confidence

Preparation is the foundation of confidence. This preparation includes the physical, technical, tactical, and mental parts of cycling. This means putting in the necessary time and effort into every aspect of your training. If you have developed these areas as fully as you can, you will have faith that, when you get to the start line of a race, you will be able to use those capabilities gained from preparation to ride as well as you can in the race. The more areas you fully address in your preparation, the more confidence you will gain in yourself. My goal with the cyclists I work with is, when they arrive at every race they can say, "I'm as prepared as I can be to achieve my goals."

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