4 Tips to Make Every Ride More Enjoyable

Let's take a break from the training and wander a bit about what we can do to make riding our bikes even more fun than it already is.

Be Nicer

Over the last few weeks I've been riding a bit more, but my fitness is still pretty low, so I ride slow. It's great! I can't tell you how many times I've enjoyed a pleasant conversation with a similarly paced cyclist who's out. Typically I'll roll up next to them and say something like "Good Morning" and that will kick off a conversation that ranges from a sentence or two on out to a full-fledged ride together if we happen to be going the same place. Of course the conversations center around riding and equipment, "where ya going" or "how do you like that bike," but often the segue into other topics too? and that's the fun. Just to share the sunshine and maybe learn something new.

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Of course there are the other types of encounters as well. This weekend I did a little ride and on the way home I happened upon a group of riders as the light turned green. Mostly older than me, I figured I'd tag along for a few minutes. As we started to accelerate, there were two cars waiting for us to pass with their blinkers on, ready to turn right. One of the guys in front of me swings left around the cars and takes a swipe at the second car in line. What? Blinkers on, waiting patiently and he still gets angry about it?hmmm, but it gets better.

Upon pseudo-swiping the car he notices me and promptly gears up and stomps on it. Well, it's the draft so I can sit in pretty easily— even though I'm on a cross bike with one 65 inch gear that puts me north of 120 rpm at 20 miles per hour, so I default to "spin like mad, coast like mad, spin like mad" as my routine to stay in the draft. Sir Speedy didn't like that so he gassed it again up to about 23, not unruly speed, but more than they'd been doing. Head down chugging along, he takes the occasional under the arm look to see if I'm dropped. I'm not. Back to it.

Meanwhile his riding buddy rolls up and we engage in a short but friendly chat about the bike I'm on and wave goodbye as I reached my turn. I'm still curious about what motivated Sir Speedy to opt for avarice instead of nice. But then again people are strange.

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