Thigh stand stunt

The Thigh Stand is one of the most important and basic stunts that a cheerleader can add to their arsenal. Even for advanced cheerleaders it’s good to refresh thigh stand technique as it is a great building block for more elite stunts.

Requirements: Three people; two bases and one flyer

Difficulty Level: 2

The Mount

Bases: Two bases are required for this stunt. Each base must face forward and lunge towards each other. Their inside leg must be at a 90 degree angle, and their outside leg must be straight. The inside foot of the bases should overlap, one foot behind the other.

The Flyer: The Flyer will stand between the bases. Once the bases are in the lunge position, the flyer will place her hands on the shoulders of both bases. The Flyer will then step onto one base and then the other. Once both feet are placed onto the bases, the flyer may stand up, hitting a High V or any other motion desired.

The Bases: Once the flyer is standing on the thighs of each base, the bases will then wrap their inside arm around the leg of the flyer. This adds support and keeps the flyer steady.


The Bases: The Bases will take their outside hands and reach up to grab the hands of the flyer.

The Flyer: Once the flyer is holding onto the hands of her bases, she will step off onto the floor.

When to use this stunt: This stunt is great when performing routines. It can be added to a long performance cheer during pre-game, timeouts, or half time. The thigh stand is a simple stunt that can be placed in performances to music. Cheer squads of all levels will benefit from the thigh stand. It can also be used to add style to a formation, and be used to create level changes.

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