Study: Eating garlic decreases some cancer risk

Eating cooked or raw garlic may decrease your risk for stomach or intestinal cancer, according to studies presented recently at a conference on medicinal herbs at the University of North Carolina. Garlic supplements do not have the same beneficial effect.

Set easy-to-achieve goals
It's not as important to run a certain distance tomorrow as it is to stay motivated and keep running for the rest of your life. If you start telling yourself you have to run 30 minutes tomorrow or log an eight-miler on the weekend, you might be setting up standards that prove self-defeating. Instead, set an easier goal for yourself so the workout won't seem so daunting. If things go well once you're out the door, you can always keep going.

Female athletes and eating disorders
Women athletes are 10 times more likely to have an eating disorder than the general population of women, according to the Marquette Sports Law Journal. The incidence rises in sports where a small size aids performance; 39 percent of cross-country runners and 73 percent of gymnasts experience some type of disordered eating.

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