Stage 20: Live Update Summary

17:17 Armstrong Takes His Fourth Tour Title!
Lance Armstrong has finished the stage in the middle of the peloton. The American US Postal rider has secured his fourth successive Tour de France title!

17:16 The Top Four...
The top four riders in stage 20 are:
1. Robbie McEwen (Lotto)
2. Baden Cooke (
3. Damien Nazon (Bonjour)
4. Fabio Baldato (Fassa Bortolo)

17:14 Australian One-Two...
McEwen's victory in the stage came when he raced passed his compatriot, Baden Cooke in the closing meters of the stage. The top placings in the stage will follow...

17:13 Robbie's Third Stage Win
Robbie McEwen will be the first Australian rider since Phil Anderson won the best young rider in 1982 to stand on the final podium in Paris. The Lotto rider won the stage, and with it confirmed his lead in the green jersey classification. It's his third Tour stage victory, his first was the Champs Elysees stage of the 1999 race and his second in stage three (in Reims) this year.

17:12 McEwen Wins The Stage!
Robbie McEwen has sealed his lead in the sprint classification in the finest possible style. He has won his second stage this year!

17:11 Only Moments Remaining In 2002 Tour...
The Alessio rider at the front if Hvastija. His lead is about 50 meters. They are now within the final kilometer of the stage.

17:11 Bunch Sprint Due
The peloton is all together with less than 1km to go. The Telekom team is at the front of the peloton.

17:10 A Sprint Almost Certain
Vasseur is now at the front of the stage with an Alessio rider and Rumsas, but the peloton is right on them. The Alessio rider is insisting with his attempt, but now the FDJ team is leading the peloton for their sprinter, Cooke.

17:09 Three Leaders
Rumsas and Ivanov have been caught by another rider. But the peloton is right behind.

17:08 Two Lead By 100m
Rumsas and Ivanov are now about 100m ahead of the peloton which is now led by ONCE's Olano.

17:07 Another Attack
Hunter and Brochard have been caught. The latest attack is from Sergei Ivanov and a Lampre rider.

17:06 Two New Escapees
There is now an attack by Hunter and Brochard. They are at the front of the stage by about 20 meters.

17:05 The Bell Sounds!
There is now just one lap of the Champs Elysees to go. The peloton is about 50 meters behind Horrillo and Piil. The bell is sounding and it's highly likely that the 20th stage will end with a bunch sprint despite a recent attack by Lelli.

17:04 Zabel Can't Shake Green Shadow
The green jersey is still following the wheel of Zabel. The peloton has been right behind the eight-man attack group for the past minute, but now just Piil and Horrillo are insisting with their escape.

17:02 Escape Over
The group of Piil, Velo, Dekker, Wauters, Horrillo, Zubeldia, Moreni and Halgand have been caught by the peloton.

17:01 Lampre Join Telekom At Front Of Peloton
The Lampre team has joined the Telekom team at the front of the peloton's chase.

17:00 Lead Down To 10"
Piil, Velo, Dekker, Wauters, Horrillo, Zubeldia, Moreni and Halgand are now 10" ahead of the peloton.

16:58 Lead Down To 12"
The nine leaders are now 12" ahead of the peloton.

16:56 Lead Now 17"
The race has settled slightly for the first time since arriving on the Champs Elysees circuit. The leading nine are now 17" ahead of the peloton which is being led by the Telekom team.

16:54 Frigo The Latest Rider To Puncture
There have been numerous punctures in today's stage. The latest victim is Tacconi's Frigo.

16:53 Lead Now 20"
The nine leaders are now 20" ahead of the peloton.

16:52 Two Riders From Rabobank & Alessio Ahead
The nine-man escape group has two riders from two teams: Brognara and Moreni (from Alessio) and Wauters and Dekker (from Rabobank).

16:50 Three Laps To Go
There are now just three laps of the final circuit to go, the nine leaders - Piil, Velo, Dekker, Wauters, Horrillo, Zubeldia, Brognara, Moreni and Halgand - are 15" ahead of the Telekom-led peloton.

16:49 Velo With Mechanical Problems...
One of the nine leaders, Velo, has snapped his gear cable. It's the right-hand side cable which controls the rear cluster
16:46 McEwen Stuck To Zabel's Wheel
In the main pack, McEwen is still stuck to the back of Zabel's wheel. The main pack is 20" behind the leading group of nine riders.

16:45 The Nine Leaders
The nine leaders are now 14" ahead of the peloton. The riders in the lead group are: Piil, Velo, Dekker, Wauters, Horrillo, Zubeldia, Brognara, Moreni and Halgand.

16:44 Nine Leaders...
The lead group is now down to nine riders. They are 10" ahead of the peloton. Rumsas has dropped out of the lead group.

16:43 Four Laps To Go
There are four laps of the finishing circuit yet to be raced. The 16-man break is about to be caught by the peloton...

16:42 Peloton Now 10" Behind 16 Leaders
The ONCE team is getting some help from the Telekom team. The peloton they lead is now about to catch the escape group of 16 riders.

16:41 Rumsas In Lead Group
The rider in 3rd overall, Rumsas, is in the lead group. The 16-man break is now 13" ahead of the peloton which is led by the ONCE team. The maximum gain of the escape group was 37". Rumsas began the stage 1'00" behind Beloki...

16:39 Peloton Now 17" Behind 16 Leader
The ONCE team is leading the peloton which is now 17" behind the 16 stage leaders.

16:37 17 Stage Leaders
The 12-man chase group has caught the five leaders.

16:36 Rumsas In 12-Man Group
The rider in 3rd-place overall, Rumsas, is in the 12-man chase group.

16:35 The Situation Now...
Millar, Jalabert, Tafi, Radaelli and Moreni lead the 12-man chase group by 10" and the peloton by 37".

16:34 Five Lead Peloton By 40"
Millar, Jalabert, Tafi, Radaelli and Moreni are now ahead of a counter-attack group of 12 riders. The peloton is 40" behind the Jalabert group.

16:33 Peloton At 33"
The peloton is 33" behind the five leaders.
The 12 rider chase group includes: Gomez, Piil, Velo, Casar, Boogerd, Wauters, Horrillo and Baguet.

16:32 Five Catch Chasing Seven
There are now 12 rider between the five stage leaders (Millar, Jalabert, Tafi, Radaelli and Moreni) and the peloton. The five lead the 12 by 10".

16:31 Five Lead Seven...
Millar, Jalabert, Tafi, Radaelli and Moreni are now ahead of a counter attack group of seven riders.

16:30 Five LEad By 10"
The group of Millar, Jalabert, Tafi, Radaelli and Moreni are now 10" ahead of the peloton.

16:28 Five Stage Leaders Now
Millar, Jalabert, Tafi, Radaelli and Moreni are now leading the stage. There are two Alessio riders in the group that is 12" ahead of the peloton.

16:27 Tafi Also Chasing...
Andrea Tafi and Radaelli are now with Jalabert and Millar. This foursome are the second group on the road.

16:26 Moreni Leads By 15"
Moreni's lead is now 15". He attacked with eight laps to go. He is now being chased by Millar and Jalabert.

16:25 Moreni Now Alone Ahead of Peloton
The chasing pair have been caught by the peloton. Now Moreni is 10" ahead od the main pack.

16:24 Moreni Leads Berges & Hinault
Moreni is still at the front of the stage. His lead is about 400 meters on Berges and Hinault and about 500m to the peloton.

16:23 Chavanel Now Racing Again
There were three simultaneous punctures with Chavanel, De Groot and an AG2R rider all going flat at the same time. They have all received new wheels are are now racing to rejoin the peloton.

16:22 De Groot Also Flat
De Groot has also punctured at the turn near the Arc de Triumph.

16:21 Auge & Pineau Chasing
Chavanel and Moreni are now 10" ahead of the peloton. Two riders who attempted to cross to the lead group were Auge and Pineau.

16:20 Duo Lead By 20"
The escapees are now 20" ahead of the peloton with seven laps yet to be raced.

16:19 Chavanel & Moreni Still Ahead
The counter attack has been caught by the Lampre team's chase. There are now just two riders at the front of the stage, they are: Sylvain Chavanel (Bonjour) and Cristien Moreni (Alessio).

16:18 Vogondy Chasing...
Moreni and Chavanel continue to lead the stage. They are being chase by Vogondy and an Euskaltel rider. Both of the leading clusters are well within sight of the peloton.

16:17 The Two Attackers...
Chavanel and Moreni are now at the front of the stage.

16:16 Duo Lead By 10"
Mattan and Piil are 10" ahead of the peloton which is being led by the Lampre team of the winner of this stage last year, Jan Svorada.

16:15 Piil & Mattan Now Leading
Mattan and Piil are now together at the front of the stage.

16:13 The Eight Leaders...
Mattan, Vasseur, Piil, Morin, Loda, De Groot, Flickinger and Hvastija are the eight riders who were 12" ahead of a Lampre-led peloton.

16:12 Eight Leaders Now
The chasing trio have caught the five leaders. There are now 8 riders 12" ahead of the peloton.

16:11 The Five Leaders
Piil, Loda, Hvastija, De Groot and Morin are now at the front of the stage. They are being chased by Mattan, Flickinger and Vasseur.

16:10 Average Speed Of First Lap
The average speed for the first lap of the Champs Elysees was 55.81kph.

16:09 De Groot & Morin Still Leading
The two attacking riders De Groot (Rabobank) and Morin (Credit Agricole) are still at the front of the stage. Their lead is about 100m.

16:08 De Groot & Morin Leading Stage
De Groot and Morin are now at the front of the stage. They have a lead of about 75 meters on the peloton.

16:07 Hvastija Caught
The Alessio attack has been reeled in by a Jean Delatour rider. The peloton is all together again.

16:06 Nine Laps to Go
The peloton is now nine laps from the end of the race. Moncoutie, Voigt and several others are now on the attack.

16:05 Millar Back After Puncture
David Millar punctured on the first lap of the Champs Elysees. He has a new wheel and has been able to rejoin the fast-moving peloton.

16:03 Peloton All Together
Chavanel and Garcia-Acosta's escape attempt didn't amount to much. The US Postal team is again at the front of the peloton.

16:01 Chavanel & Garcia-Acosta
There are now two riders at the front of the stage. They are Chavanel and Garcia-Acosta.

15:59 2nd Sprint At 81km...
There are 1,500m between the first passing of the site of the finish line and the site of 2nd intermediate sprint. the US Postal train has been replaced by a surge of attacking riders.

15:58 Oh, Champs Elysees!
The peloton is now on the Champs Elysees. They are on their way to the 2nd intermediate sprint of the stage and US Postal are now back in charge of the peloton.

15:57 Virenque Joins Jalabert
Richard Virenque has joined Jalabert's attack.

15:56 10 Laps of 6.5km Circuit Conclude The Tour
The peloton will race 10 laps of a 6.5km circuit to finish the race. There are six special prizes for the first three riders past the 'Hauts des Champs-Elysees' in laps 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. The first time passed this mark is where the 2nd intermediate sprint of the stage is.

15:53 Peloton At Place de la Bastille
The peloton is now at the Place de la Bastille. There are 68.5km left to race.

15:52 70km To Go
There are now 70km left to race in the 2002 Tour de France.

15:51 Beloki Back With Peloton
Beloki is now back in the peloton after his puncture.

15:48 Beloki Punctures
The rider in 2nd-place overall has punctured. He has a new wheel and is now racing toward the back of the main pack.

15:47 US Postal Come To The Front
The peloton is now being led by all nine riders of the US Postal Service team.
The American team is currently 2nd in the team classification (22'49" behind ONCE-Eroski), but they have been the squad which has dominated the head of the peloton since Armstrong regained the overall lead thanks to his win in stage 11.
The team of champions are:
Lance Armstrong
Viatcheslav Ekimov
Roberto Heras
George Hincapie
Benoit Joachim
Floyd Landis
Pavel Padrnos
Victor Hugo Pena
and Jose Luis Rubiera.

15:44 Top Five Of Final Stage In 2001
The top five of the Champs Elysees stage of last year's race was:
1. Jan Svoarda (Lampre)
2. Erik Zabel (Telekom)
3. Stuart O'Grady (CA)
4. Sven Teutenberg (Festina)
5. Alessandro Petacchi (Fassa Bortolo)
Neither Teutenberg nor Petacchi are in this year's race. (McEwen, the winner here in 1999, wasn't in the Tour last year.)

15:41 Only Three Genuine 'Sprint Finishes' This Year...
Of the 17 road stages which have so far been contested in the 2002 Tour de France, only three have finished with a genuine bunch sprint. They were:
Stage two (when Oscar Freire beat McEwen, Zabel, Cooke & Kirsipuu).
Stage three (when Robbie McEwen beat Zabel, Cooke, Hauptman & Baldato).
And Stage six (when Erik Zabel beat Freire, McEwen, Svorada and Sergei Ivanov).
Stages one and seven finished with the main pack at the same time as the stage winners, but both Bertogliati and McGee attacked the peloton with 1km to go.

15:37 Wins By Nations
Riders from the following nations have won a stage of this years Tour de France:
USA Lance Armstrong (Prologue, Stage 11, Stage 12 & Stage 19)
Switzerland Rubens Bertogliati (Stage One)
Spain Oscar Freire (Stage Two) & ONCE (Stage Five)
Australia Robbie McEwen (Stage Three) & Brad McGee (Stage Seven)
Estonia Jaan Kirsipuu (Stage Four)
Germany Erik Zabel (Stage Six)
The Netherlands Karsten Kroon (Stage Eight), Michael Boogerd (Stage 16).
Colombia Santiago Botero (Stage Nine & Stage 15).
France Patrice Halgand (Stage 10) & Richard Virenque (Stage 14).
Great Britain David Millar (Stage 13).
Italy Dario Frigo (Stage 17).
Norway Thor Hushovd (Stage 18).

15:31 McEwen - 245pts: Zabel - 242pts
After the 1st sprint, the lead of the sprint classification is:
1. McEwen (Lotto) 245pts
2. Zabel (Telekom) 242pts
The 2nd intermediate sprint is on the Champs Elysees (at the 81km mark).

15:29 Peloton Back To Passive Pace
After the sprint, the peloton is again riding along at a passive pace. There are several French riders at the front of the pack including riders from Jean Delatour, Bonjour and Domo's Richard Virenque.

15:25 McEwen Offers A Smile
Robbie McEwen's jump on Erik Zabel is enough to allow the Australian to relax a little. Both riders have given the television cameras a grin... McEwen's is that of a satisfied rider, while Zabel's is that of a rider who seems to realize that he's behind in his quest for a record seventh successive title. The German has openly admitted that he thinks McEwen's top-end speed is faster this year.

15:23 Complete Standings of First Sprint
The points for the first intermediate sprint were won by:
1. Robbie McEwen (Lotto) 6pts
2. Erik Zabel (Telekom) 4pts
3. Guennadi Mikhailov (Lotto) 2pts

15:21 McEwen Now Leads By Three Points
McEwen attacked the peloton train with about 400 meters to go. He won the six points at the first intermediate sprint and now leads the green jersey classification by three points... Zabel was 2nd.

15:20 1km To 1st Sprint
The peloton is now racing along. They are in the kilometer leading up to the first intermediate sprint. McEwen has jumped and is now racing toward 6pts...

15:19 Julich Picks Up The Pace
Bobby Julich led the peloton to the intermediate sprints last year when he was trying to help his team-mate of 2001, Stuart O'Grady, retain his lead of the sprint classification. The American is now working for the rider O'Grady was trying to hold off last year, Zabel.
Julich is the Telekom rider now at the front of the peloton.

15:18 Pink Jerseys Now Up Front
The right-hand side of the peloton is now dominated by the pink jerseys of Zabel's Telekom train. McEwen has stated that his only role today is to follow the rider he leads by one point in the sprint classification.

15:15 Two Lottos & Two Credit Agricoles Up Front
The peloton is being led in the closing kilometers of the first sprint by two Lotto riders and two Credit Agricole riders. Just behind them are the pink jerseys of several of Erik Zabel's Telekom team-mates.
The 19th stage is about to pick up to real race pace in a few kilometers... with the first intermediate spint points the first big prize of today.

15:06 100km To Go
The peloton is now at the 44km mark. They have 100km to race in this year's Tour de France - and 10km to go before the crucial intermediate sprint.

15:02 Peloton At 40km Mark
The peloton is now at the 40km mark of today's stage. There are 104km still to race in the 89th edition of the Tour de France. For the moment, there have been no attacks today.

15:01 Other Prize Presenters...
The dignitaries who are to hand out today's prizes are:
Mr Bertrand Delanoe, the Mayor of Paris, will present the stage winner's trophy and the final yellow jersey.
Mr Patrice Clerq, the Presidet of Amaury Sport Organisation (the company responsible for organising the Tour de France), will present the prizes to the top 3 riders of the general classification.
Mr William Fisher, the Australian Ambassador, will present the green jersey to the Sprint King.
Mr Jean Pitallier, the President of the French Cycling Federation, will present the polka-dot jersey to the King of the Mountains.
Mr Claudio Santi, the President of the Italian Cycling Federation, will present the white jersey of Best Young Rider.
Mr Jean-marie Leblanc, the Director of the Tour de France, will present the prize for the Most Aggressive rider.
Mr Fidel Lopez Alvarez, the Spanish ambassador, will present the prize for the Best Team.
M. Marie-Claire Restout, a representative of the President of France, will present the four riders who win the four prize jerseys.

14:54 Australian Ambassador: Mr William Fisher
The name of the Australian Ambassador (who is in the car) is William Fisher.
As well as being a spectator of today's stage, Mr Fisher will also play a part in the final presentation: he is listed to present the winner of the Sprint Classification his green jersey.

14:49 2nd Biggest Winning Margin For Armstrong
Of Lance Armstrong's three previous victories, the biggest lead on the rider in 2nd overall was in 1999 when he finished the Tour 7'37" ahead of Alex Zulle. His victories over Jan Ullrich (in 2000 and 2001) were by 6'02" and 6'44" respectively.
At the start of today's stage, Armstrong led Joseba Beloki by 7'17".

14:47 Australian Ambassador In Car
The Australian ambassador in France is riding in the car with's Marc Madiot today.
The French team boasts two Australian riders in their Tour team this year. also have an association with the New South Wales Institute of Sport which has riders in a 'development team' for the French team. (New South Wales is the state in Australia where Brad McGee - who instigated the development team - is front.)

14:44 Botcharov Cools His Feet...
The rider who finished 2nd at the summit of the Mont Ventoux, Alexandre Botcharov, has taken off his shoes and is currently riding the 'fun' part of today's stage in socks.

14:42 Average Speed For First Hour
The average speed for the first hour of "racing" today is 30.2kph.

14:37 Last 10 Winners In Paris
The winners of this final stage (on the Champs Elysees) for the past 10 years are:
2001: Jan Svorada (Czech Republic)
2000: Stefano Zanini (Italy)
1999: Robbie McEwen (Australia)
1998: Tom Steels (Belgium)
1997: Nicola Minali (Italy)
1996: Fabio Baldato (Italy)
1995: Djamolidine Abdoujaparov (Uzbekstahn)
1994: Eddy Seigneur (France)
1993: Djamolidine Abdoujaparov (Uzbekstahn)
1992: Olaf Ludwig (Germany)

14:35 McEwen: "It's A Simple Plan"
After his time trial yesterday, McEwen explained his tactics for today's stage. "It's a simple plan: follow Zabel. If he attacks the intermediate sprints, I'll follow. Otherwise we'll just have to wait until the final sprint."
The Australian is one point ahead in the sprint classification, so he has the benefit of being able to follow the German's lead.

14:32 About 25km Raced
The peloton is now near the 25km mark of the stage. The riders are still sharing jokes and rolling on toward Paris. The race arrives in the French capital at the 70th kilometer.

14:31 A Smile On McEwen's Face
Robbie McEwen has been joined at the front of the peloton by Axel Merckx and Servais Knaven. The two Domo riders have shared a joke with the rider in the green jersey and he's finally cracked a grin. That's not to say he's not still focussed on the task of retaining his slender lead in the sprint classification - the strain of this prospect, no doubt, added to what seemed like a sour mood at today's start.

14:22 Four Former Parisian Winners Still In This Year's Race
There are four riders who have previously won the final stage of the Tour de France still in the peloton today. They are:
Eddy Seigneur - who won in 1994.
Fabio Baldato - who won in 1996.
Robbie McEwen - won won in 1999.
And Jan Svorada - who won in 2001.

14:19 Melun Last Hosted Final Stage Start In 1998
The last time a stage of the Tour was contested from Melun to Paris was in 1998. The winner four years ago was Belgium's Tom Steels. The sprinter was the first rider to abandon the 2002 Tour (in stage five).

14:15 Peloton At 15km Mark
The peloton is now in the town of Coubert at the 15km mark of the 144km stage. There have been no signs of any attacking intentions and the jovial mood is the only real feature of the stage so far today.

14:14 Best of "ZZ Top" A Highlight Of Lance's Tour
At the post-stage press conference yesterday in Macon, Lance Armstrong was asked what he'll take with him as fond memories of what is about to be his fourth overall victory in the Tour. He answered that one of the highlights was a moment when his team-mate, Floyd Landis, put on a CD with the 'Best of ZZ Top'.
"It sounds stupid," said Lance. "But it's silly little things like listening to a band like ZZ Top with guys like Roberto Heras in the team van... Roberto didn't exactly understand what we were all laughing about."

14:09 Lance Enjoys Some Champagne
At the back of the peloton, Lance is having a sip of champagne. It's a gesture from the overall leader which confirms the festive mood of today's stage to Paris.

13:57 The Current Top Five Of Sprint Classification...
The only jersey yet to be determined in this year's race is the green jersey of the Sprint King. The top five at the stage of today's stage is:
1. Robbie McEwen (Lotto-Adecco) 239pts
2. Erik Zabel (Telekom) 238pts
3. Stuart O'Grady (CA) 188pts
4. Baden Cooke ( 168pts
5. Jan Svorada (Lampre) 136pts

13:54 Lance Chatting With Another Robbie...
At the front of the peloton, Lance Armstrong and Robbie Hunter are having a chat. They lead the rider in the white jersey of Best Young Rider, Ivan Basso.

13:53 Riders Happy To Go Easy At Start...
The peloton is likely to ride at a passive pace for the first 50-odd kilometers. The first sign of any attacks are likely to come shortly before the first intermediate sprint at Champs-sur-Marne (at the 54km mark).
Just about everyone in the peloton is happy, chatting and smiling for photographs. The stern face of the current leader of the green jersey classification, Robbie McEwen, is about the only contrast to the festive mood of the early kilometers of the 20th stage.

13:49 On Track For 4th Fastest Overall Average Speed
The average speed of Lance Armstrong's leading time (after yesterday's time trial) was 39.872kph. If the peloton maintains a reasonable average speed today, Lance is on course to claim the fourth fastest Tour in history.
The fastest race was in 1999 - when Lance won with an average of 40.276kph
In 2001, Armstrong finished with an average of 40.070kph.
And the third-fastest Tour was in 1998, when Marco Pantani won with an average of 39.983kph.

13:46 Hot Conditions For Final Stage
The temperature at the start of the 20th stage in Melun was 39 degrees Celsius. Blue skies cover the entire course with only few high clouds present. No rain is expected for today's stage.

13:42 Racing!
Jean-Marie Leblanc, the race director who turns 58 today, has signalled the start of the 20th stage. The official start time is 1.41pm. There were 153 riders at the start.

13:38 Jalabert Thanked By Bike Company...
Laurent Jalabert has a spotted bike for the final stage. The downtube features the words: "Merci Jalabert" - a special thanks for his attacking efforts in this year's race (and for the rest of his outstanding career) from the manufacturer of his carbon-fibre bikes, Look.

13:37 Mayor Of Melun Once A Tour Leader
Jacques Marinelli, the mayor of Melun, wore the yellow jersey of overall leader during the 1949 Tour de France. He eventually finished 3rd behind Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartarli.

13:35 Rolling In Neutral Zone...
The peloton is now in the 2.2km neutral zone which takes the race to the site of the official start of the final stage on the outskirts of Melun.

13:34 Jalabert Winding McEwen Up...
At the start, the riders are in a festive mood - all except for Robbie McEwen. The rider is focussed on his quest to retain the green jersey. And his sour mood has prompted Laurent Jalabert to pretend as though he was winding the Australian up for what is sure to be a hard stage - as he tries to maintain (or increase) his 1pt advantage over Erik Zabel. The action was done in fun, but not even a dry smile appeared on the Lotto rider's face.

13:32 Late Start Today...
The riders haven't yet started to roll through the neutral zone. They were scheduled to start at 1.25pm, but they are still at the line of the 'Depart Fictif' doing interviews with French television.

13:24 The Retirees Of 2002
The riders who didnt make it to Paris are: Tom Steels (Mapei) & Marco Pinotti (Lampre) abandoned during stage five; Alexandre Shefer (Alessio) & Rik Verbrugghe (Lotto) abandoned during stage six; Didier Rous (Bonjour) abandoned during stage seven; Oscar Freire (Mapei) & Aart Vierhouted (Lotto) who didnt start stage eight; Alvaro Gonzalez de Galdeano (ONCE) abandoned during stage 10; Jaan Kirsipuu (AG2), Jonathan Vaughters (CA), Michael Sandstod & Santiago Perez abandoned during stage 11; Andrei Haputman (Tacconi), Fabien De Waele (Mapei), Oscar Pozzi (Fassa Bortolo), Ruslan Ivanov (Alessio), Stefano Casagranda (Alessio), Antonio Tauler (Kelme) abandoned during stage 12; Jacky Durand ( disqualified after stage 12; Sammy Sanchez (Euskaltel), Gorka Gonzalez (Euskaltel) & Francois Simon (Bonjour) outside time limit of stage 12; Paolo Bossini (Tacconi) & Jose Javier Gomez (Kelme) abandoned; Peter Luttenberger (Tacconi) abandoned during stage 14; Christophe Morea (CA) abandoned during stage 15; Jimmy Casper (, Oscar Sevilla (Kelme) & Laurent Dufaux (Alessio) abandoned during stage 16; Dave Bruylands (Domo), Fred Rodriguez & Christophe Oriol (AG2R) outside time limit stage 16; Massimo Donati (Tacconi), Fred Guesdon ( & Daniel Atienza (Cofidis) abandoned during stage 17.

13:12 Placement Of Sprints For Points...
There are two intermediate sprints in the 144km 20th stage. They are at Champs-sur-Marne (at the 54km mark) and at Hauts des Champs (at the 81km mark) - on the first lap of the finishing circuit.
There are also points for the 25 riders at the finish: from 35pts for 1st down to 1pt for 25th.

13:09 The Green Jersey To Be Decided Today...
The final stage may be considered a parade for the riders who have essentially finished their race for placings in the general classification, but there is one jersey still to be determined. The green jersey of the Tour's best sprinter is still wide open. Two riders are still in contention: the current leader, Robbie McEwen (with 239 points) and the six-time winner, Erik Zabel (with 238 points).

13:06 Welcome To The Live Coverage of 2002 Tour's Final Stage
The final stage of the 89th Tour de France is scheduled to start at 1.25pm. There are 2.2km of neutral zone before the riders begin their trek from Melun to Paris.
The finish of the 144km 20th stage features 10 laps of the famous Avenue Champs Elysees.
Live coverage will begin shortly before the official start.

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