Stage 2: Arndt solos to victory, Longo holds on to lead

Boise, Idaho (June 14, 2001) In a four-pack breakaway group, Judith Arndt of the German National Team sprinted to a first place finish in Stage Two of 18th Annual HP Women's Challenge.

Coming in second was Rasa Polikevisiute of the Acca Due O HP Team with Joan Wilson of the Office Depot Team finishing third. Wilson maintained an impressive solo lead for over half of the latter part of the race before Arndt raced past her to finish first.

Although yesterday's stage winner Jeannie Longo of the Office Depot Team took a break today and stayed with the pack to save her legs for tomorrow and upcoming climbing stages, she still remains as the race leader.

Wilson, age 31 from San Anselmo, Calif., recently returned to racing this year after taking 1999 and 2000 off to rest and complete her post-doctorate degree studying viruses and to publish two scientific research papers.

Saturn teammates Kimberly Bruckner and Petra Rossner finished fourth and fifth respectively. Bruckner's fourth place finish and climbing ability puts her in an excellent position to take on Jeannie Longo in tomorrow's climb up Galena Pass as Bruckner is now less than a minute away from Jeannie Longo's first place position.

Today's Notes & Quotes:

"My goal was to get over the climb ahead of the great climbers, that way I could be there to help Jeannie," said Joan Wilson of the Office Depot Team after today's third-place finish. "I made it over the climb alone yet I wasn't strong enough in the swirling tailwind to go the distance."

"I knew I had to go with a long sprint (400 meters from the line) because that's the only thing I can do," stated Judith Arndt, German National Team and after taking first in Stage Two.

"Some day I should learn how to sprint," said Kimberly Bruckner from the Saturn Team who finished fourth in the four-woman breakaway group.

A look ahead Stage 3:

Boise Cascade Office Products Road Race
Friday, June 15
Stanley to Ketchum - 62.3 miles

Stage Three tests the conditioning and altitude acclimation of the cyclists. Although the course starts out flat, at mile 27 (elevation approx. 6,578 feet), the racers will begin the grueling mountain climb up Galena Pass, the highest point in the entire race where the elevation reaches upwards of 8,700 feet. After reaching the steep summit, the cyclists will descend at speeds that can reach over 50 miles per hour before finishing on a flat course that leads into the town of Ketchum (pop. 3,873), where the world-renowned Sun Valley ski resort is located.

Snow and rain have been factors in the past but current weather reports show the forecast to be 70 degrees and sunny. If winds continue, they could be a factor in stage results. The 62.3-mile course has two Hot Spots and one Mountain Sprint zone. Dede Demet-Barry holds the course record completing the stage in two hours, 28 minutes and ten-seconds in the 1991 event.

Results Stage 2
1. Judith Arndt, Germany 2:31:41
2. Rasa Polikeviciute, Lithuania same time
3. Joan Wilson, United States s.t.
4. Kimberly Bruckner, United States s.t.
5. Petra Rossner, Germany +1:40

General classification after Stage 2
1. Jeannie Longo, France 5:13:30
2. Lyne Bessette, Canada +:06
3. Judith Arndt, Germany + 0:38
4 12 Rasa Polikeviciute, Lithuania +0:43
5. Kimberly Bruckner, United States +0:50

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