SPEEDPLAY ZERO New concept in bike pedal design

If you like the convenience and lightweight benefits of Speedplay bicycle pedals but prefer eliminating some or all of the "float," then the Speedplay Zero Pedal System may be your answer.

The Zero introduces a new concept in pedal design that allows you to choose either a fixed position or up to 15 degrees of float. Zero pedals maintain the traditional feel of a fixed system while incorporating all the well-known advantages of Speedplay X Pedal Systems.

Dual-sided Zero pedals offer light weight, easy engagement and disengagement, a low 11.5mm stack height and superior cornering clearance. The engagement mechanism does not rely on spring tension for retention, so you don't have to crank down a tension adjuster just to prevent inadvertant release.

Best of all, you can choose either a fixed position or a micro-adjustable 15 degrees of float.

The pedal is also available in a red color CSC team edition. CSC, with Tyler Hamilton as their leader, won the team classification at the 2003 Tour de France riding these pedals.

For more information, visit www.speedplay.com or call 1-800-468-6694.

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