Her story: Susan Schwartz, running the world

Because nothing motivates us to stay healthy and active more than hearing stories of other athletic women, Her Sports brings you Her Story, monthly profiles of women like you.

Susan Schwartz
Paradise Valley, Ariz.

Sports: Running, yoga

Age: 60

Profession: Psychologist

How I got started in sports: I began running in grade school and never looked back. I started running marathons as an adult, but had to give up long distances for a while after getting shin splints.

Favorite spot to be active: My neighborhood.

Life/sport philosophy: Use sports to learn about your own psyche, by stretching yourself beyond where you think you can go.

Athletic highlights: Running and training in Europe, Canada and South Africa.

Athletic goals: To keep running marathons as long as I can.

Favorite fuel: Veggies, GU and water.

Favorite indulgence: Chocolate.

When I'm not running, or doing yoga I'm: Working, weight-training, or spending quality time at home with my husband, Frederic.

Other interesting facts: I am a Jungian Analyst, and I give seminars and lectures about Carl Jung all over the world.

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