Functional strength training for the multisport athlete

All of the exercises I normally love on a physioball or those requiring a cable-cross over machine or dumbbells, I'm now able to do with the TRX lashed to a tree limb or to the roof-rack of my Nissan X-Terra.
I'm a fan of big things that come in small packages. As a triathlete, my sport requires enough equipment as it is. When I first saw the seemingly simple design of the TRX (Total-body Resistance eXercise) System, I had no idea what an effective strength and conditioning tool it would be for me.

Pulling the unit out of its lunch-sized mesh storage bag, it looks like an extra long, three-legged seat belt with handles. But once you secure it to a sturdy overhead structure, like a pull-up bar, fence, tree branch or even your car's roof rack, you've suddenly created an amazing total-body training station with hundreds of functional strength and flexibility movements matched perfectly to the needs of a triathlete.

The TRX was originally created in the Navy SEAL Teams in the late 90's by commandos trying to stay fit while deployed to places where time is of the essence and gyms don't exist. It weighs less than two pounds and folds to the size of a running shoe.

The TRX is non-elastic and uses your own bodyweight as resistance. The difficulty level is completely variable -- from 0% to 100% of your bodyweight. Changing the resistance is as simple as taking a couple of steps forward or backward to adjust the angle of your body in relation to the ground. It's called suspension training. In other words, you can either carry around a set of dumbbells that range from one lb to 100+ lbs, or simply throw the TRX in your bag wherever you go!

Former Navy SEAL, Randy Hetrick founded Fitness Anywhere, Inc., and the company has since programmed a growing set of more than 300 different functional exercise progressions for every muscle group in the body.

I utilize a program that integrates everything from pure power to gentle, active stretches and covers all the bases needed to build my core strength and muscular endurance. It helps to recruit deep core muscles and activate stabilizers in the knees, hips, torso and shoulders.

I love the fusion of strength, balance and core stability that the TRX involves in every single exercise. Your entire body will get a workout while completing even the simplest of the exercises including: chest press, bicep curl and body-row -- to name a few.

All of the exercises I normally love on a physioball or those requiring a cable-cross over machine or dumbbells, I'm now able to do with the TRX lashed to a tree limb or to the roof-rack of my Nissan X-Terra at the end of my runs or rides.

I've also begun integrating pilates-type movements for core training and flexibility. The TRX lets me target the deep abdominal musculature that is key to generating rotational power and spinal support -- two key elements in injury prevention and overall sports performance.

Fitness Anywhere sells a slightly more complex and expensive TRX model designed for the military and for hardcore athletes. This model includes a complete three-month preparatory training program built for the Navy SEAL selection course. Most will find the TRX Professional model to be just what they need. It costs about as much as a decent pair of running shoes, retailing for $149.95, so it won't break your bank! And the company stands behind its products, offering a 30-day money back guarantee and a no-questions-asked one-year repair and replacement warranty.

Resistance training is essential when it comes to injury prevention and performance in endurance sports; and the "it just doesn't fit in my schedule" excuse doesn't work anymore.

Multisport and endurance athletes finally know better, and this little piece of gear is the answer we've been waiting for. It's the best solution I've seen to integrate the resistance training that all well-rounded endurance programs require. The TRX Suspension Trainer has my "I Don't Leave Home Without It" stamp of approval. Check it out today at and start seeing the results that strength and core training will deliver!

Fitness Anywhere, Inc. sells best-in-class, functional strength training equipment and exercise programming. The TRX System, developed in the Navy SEAL Teams, is the original bodyweight training system that delivers a fusion of strength, core conditioning and flexibility. Pro and amateur endurance athletes are using the TRX System to improve their performance and reduce over-use injuries. For more information visit or call 888-878-5348.

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