Don't lube those GripShift shifters too much

Don't put too much lube into the shifter body. It makes the action really, really sluggish. Also: Be sure to clean the body with warm soapy water and something that will take the old grease off. Then lightly lube the spring, spring cavity, cable path and both shifter halves. Use Jonnisnot or some other approved grease (some will ruin the plastic, supposedly), or petroleum jelly.

  • High-performance braking comes at the maximum braking point. Right before you start to skid not too soon before, and definitely not after. Why shouldnt you brake earlier? Because you scrub off too much speed. Why not later? Because locking up your brakes is inefficient and mean to tender trails.

  • Soft-rubber tires dont wear very long or stick well in the rain. Harder rubber is generally better for the vast majority of riding youll find in the United States, with the exception of California-style fast fire roading.

  • "Race within your ability. You hear that a lot, but its important. It means not overextending yourself. Cross-country races are long, and if you go into aerobic deficit during the race theres a high cost to be paid sometime. You might not have to pay it until the last half-hour of the race, but you will pay." Allison Sydor

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