Bio: Kevin Livingston, former pro/Active Tour correspondent

Kevin Livingston  Credit: Photo courtesy
American cyclist Kevin Livingston is in the unique position of being the only former pro to have ridden on teams with the three top favorites of the 2004 Tour de France: Lance Armstrong, Jan Ullrich, and Tyler Hamilton.

In his eight years as a pro rider (for Motorola, Cofidis, U.S. Postal Service, and Team Telekom), Livingston rode the Tour six times. He helped Armstrong train and make his comeback from cancer, and, along with U.S. Postal teammate Tyler Hamilton, became a key lieutenant for Armstrong in the mountains in his first two Tour wins in 1999 and 2000.

Kevin Livingston (right) with Jan Ullrich, teammates at Telekom. Photo courtesy

In 2001, Livingston accepted a contract with the German Team Telekom, where he assisted Ullrich in his bid to win the Tour de France. At the end of the 2002 Tour de France, Kevin announced his retirement from the sport.

He rode his last race at the San Francisco Grand Prix in September 2002, finishing 11th in what he called "one of the most memorable races of my career."

Kevin Livingston during his U.S. Postal days. Photo courtesy

These days Kevin lives in Austin, Texas, and runs Kevin Livingston Consulting, with the goal of "using my years of experience to help people explore their potential" -- coaching, training, appearing as a guest rider at camps and events, running "Hill Country cycling camps," doing public speaking and using his language skills in events abroad.

Kevin will be in France during this year's Tour, as a guest rider for Trek Travel and Velosport Vacations cycling tours. He'll be writing an exclusive daily Tour blog for Active.

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