7.24.02: Cycling legend Greg Lemond

Greg Lemond is a man whose legendary status transcends the world of cycling in which he became a household name.

The three-time Tour de France winner ushered in a new era for American cycling in the 1980s, and helped bring new levels of technical innovation to the sport. Besides his Tour victories, Lemond is a three-time world champion, and he won both the Tour and the World Championships in 1989.

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He's a member of cycling's hall of fame, and has won numerous Sportsman of the Year honors, as well as cycling's prestigious Pernod Trophy.

Lemond also founded a successful bicycle company bearing his name that is now part of the Trek corporate family. He also played a key role in the success of Oakley sunglasses and Giro bike helmets, entering those companies in their start-up phases and contributing to design.

Lemond is a true living legend in cycling, and in the sports world as a whole. We were honored to welcome him to the Sports You Do Show on July 24.

We taped Lemond's phone interview with host Mike Reilly a few days earlier, as Lemond was traveling during our show slot this week.

We talked about his racing career, his training and recovery from a hunting accident, his current projects, and of course, this year's Tour de France!

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