6 Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

Many studies have shown that those who travel frequently tend to be the least healthy. When you are hopping around the globe, it seems the days are more taxing and tiring because you are away from the comfort of your own environment and your own gym.

However, even if you are working long days, it is important to make exercise a priority. This is especially the case if you have a big race coming up. Taking two weeks off from workouts can really blow all your hard work.

Whether you are on a business trip or a long vacation, here are some tips to help you through:

Eat Healthy

This may be a no-brainer but letting your diet go while on a trip can really affect your health and all the hard work you have done. Stick to fresh meals as much as possible. Bring healthy snacks from home that will help you avoid going to the next hot dog stand.

Use the Hotel Gyms with Purpose

We all know hotel gyms are not always the best, but you have to work with what you have. If you are going to jump on the treadmill, go in with a plan. For example, make it some kind of interval workout so the time goes faster. Making up specific workouts for yourself such as circuit training, intervals etc. will help you get through.

Plan Ahead

Are you training for a big race, but you know you have two weeks that you will be out of town? Plan those two weeks as your "recovery period". No, this does NOT mean skip workouts for two weeks. It means make sure you go into your trip finishing up some really intense workouts so that your body needs a break. For example, if you are training for an Ironman, the week before you leave should have a really long bike and run—maybe more than one. That way you just have to worry about getting light workouts in on your trip, which are easier to manage.

Don't Succomb to Peer Pressure

Being healthy is a commitment you made to yourself. NEVER forget that. It can be a challenge to stay committed when you are around people who do not do the same. If you know you need to get in an early morning workout the next day, don't stay up late having beers with your co-workers the night before, even if they beg and plead.

Use the Scenery

Sometimes the best runs are in new places because you are so focused on the new scenery your run goes by quicker. Use your workout as a way to explore your new environment!

It Is OK to Not Workout Everyday

When you are on the road it is probably nearly impossible to fit in a workout everyday, so shoot for every other day. Sometimes skipping a workout and getting sleep is more beneficial to your body!

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Aurora (IL) Endurance Sports Examiner Jill Bures is a former college soccer player from North Central College and a long-time runner.

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