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Playing tennis for one hour burns about 600 calories, making it an effective workout on par with jogging or an indoor cycling class. Plus, it challenges your mind. Whether you're new to tennis or a veteran player, use our resource to find articles on techniques and strategy as well as tennis events near you.

Tennis Articles & Advice

Tennis Doubles Strategy and Tips

When it comes to tennis doubles, strategy and communication are key. Here are tips on how to develop a partnership that takes you to match point.

How to Dominate the Net in Singles
By Florian Meier

Want to dominate the net in a singles match? It's all about court positioning. Learn how to approach the net so you never miss a shot again.

The Power of Small Steps in Tennis
By Scott Baker

Want to make a big improvement in your tennis game? Try taking a lot of small steps. Learn why and when you should use this strategy.